STN AnaVist 1.1 offers new options for sharing

Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS) and FIZ Karlsruhe have announced a new version of the STN AnaVist analysis and visualization software that provides customers the ability to share their visualization results with others in their organization through new login IDs for Shared Projects that enable interactive viewing and through new pre-defined Project Reports. The new collaboration feature was added in STN AnaVist, 1.1, in response to customer requests only a few months after the successful introduction of the software.

Since its introduction in 2005, STN AnaVist has been praised by users and reviewers for its integration of several modes of visualization and its utility in revealing trends and patterns in research activity represented in database search results. Dr. Peter Jasco in his "Picks & Pans" column in ONLINE, January 2006, reported, "The most appealing feature of STN AnaVist is that it integrates the search and analysis/visualization process . . . In STN AnaVist you can search, then swiftly analyze and visualize the results in an iterative fashion, without losing momentum."


STN AnaVist analyzes search results from the multidisciplinary CAplus database and the patent databases USPATFULL and PCTFULL. STN is the premier online service for science and technology, offering a collection of leading databases in a range of scientific disciplines.

About FIZ Karlsruhe
An international scientific service institution, FIZ Karlsruhe is dedicated to providing information services and solutions for both information management and knowledge transfer in science and industry. Its activities focus on the development of E-Science solutions and the provision of a worldwide unique collection of databases through its online service STN International (The Scientific & Technical Information Network). For almost three decades, FIZ Karlsruhe has been offering its high-quality, value-added information services to scientists from all over the world involved in academic and industrial R&D, as well as to decision makers in business and administration. In cooperation with national and international institutions, FIZ Karlsruhe produces and provides databases in various fields of science and technology, including the most distinguished patent files. The FIZ Karlsruhe web site is

About CAS
CAS, a division of the American Chemical Society, provides the world's largest and most current collection of chemical and related scientific information, including the most authoritative database of chemical substances, the CAS Registry. CAS combines these databases with advanced search and analysis technologies to deliver the most complete and effective digital information environment for scientific research and discovery, including such products as SciFinder, SciFinder Scholar, STN, STN Express and STN AnaVist, among others. The CAS web site is

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