7th International Neuro-Psychoanalytical Congress

Love and lust in attachment: Neuro-psychoanalytic perspectives on object relations

Love and lust, passion and affection, are fundamental ways of relating. How can neuroscience inform psychoanalytic thinking on these essential matters, and how can psychoanalytic insight further neuroscientific research? Key questions include: How do the neural systems underlying love and lust overlap, differ, and finally integrate in the self, and in our lives? What of sexuality and non-sexual desire in everyday life? As intimacy emerges over time, do our passions wane, and what are the neural correlates of these changes? What about relationships where desire and affection appear disconnected? What is the intrapsychic relationship between libidinal urges and attachment needs, how do these change as a function of brain development, and how do they affect or determine our relationships with others? This congress will explore the ways in which these systems relate to each other, both neurobiologically and psychodynamically. Speakers include: Jorge Canestri, Helen Fisher, Regina Pally, Jaak Panksepp, Allan Schore, Mark Smaller, Mark Solms, Stephen Suomi.


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