Facebook Use Not Tied to Homicides

A new study investigated whether homicides involving social networking sites were unique and worthy of labels such as “Facebook Murder.”

As a component of the study, researchers studied the way in which perpetrators had used social media sites in the homicides they had committed.

They discovered the murder cases were not collectively unique or unusual when compared with general trends and characteristics.

In other words, the homicides were not facilitated to a degree that would necessitate the introduction of a new category of homicide or a broad label like “Facebook Murder.”

“Victims knew their killers in most cases, and the crimes echoed what we already know about this type of crime,” said Dr. Elizabeth Yardley.

Yardley is a co-author of the paper found in the Howard Journal of Criminal Justice.

“Social networking sites like Facebook have become part and parcel of our everyday lives and it’s important to stress that there is nothing inherently bad about them.

“Facebook is no more to blame for these homicides than a knife is to blame for a stabbing — it’s the intentions of the people using these tools that we need to focus upon.”

Source: Wiley/EurekAlert