Games Can Improve Employee HealthNew research finds that employee wellness programs are using a new approach to educate employees about health and wellness.

The new approach is actually a physical activity strategy encouraged by the ancients as employers are turning to games to facilitate health literacy and improve physical and psychological wellness.

The new approach is discussed in the Games for Health Journal.

“Wellness programs using health games have the potential to significantly impact human well-being and the costs, pain, and suffering of preventable illnesses and conditions,” said Games for Health Journal Editor-in-Chief Bill Ferguson, Ph.D.

Ferguson believes a new attention to population health and prevention will drive increased market acceptance of health games and wellness initiatives among employers.

Many see the new exercise approach of using gaming consoles as a follow-up to the success of the Wii, the video game incorporating physical movement, developed by Nintendo.

Experts believe the strategy reflects a new approach to make exercise fun and available to all.

“The most successful wellness programs incorporate video games that present themselves as in the service of the player,” Ferguson said. “These activities enable individuals to engage in things they have personally desired, but were unable to prioritize and accomplish before wellness games.

“The result is healthier, happier, and more productive employees — a win-win for employers and their people.”

Source: Mary Ann Liebert

Man playing video game photo by shutterstock.