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Jason Russell: What is Brief Reactive Psychosis?

Jason Russell: What is Brief Reactive Psychosis?Jason Russell, the director of the YouTube sensation “Kony 2012,” has apparently been diagnosed with something called “brief reactive psychosis.” This is better known formally in psychiatry as a brief psychotic disorder. It is an uncommon, rare mental disorder that affects adults in their late 20s and early 30s.

Brief psychotic disorder could be most simply thought of as a form of short-term schizophrenia, since many of the symptoms of the disorders are exactly the same. The primary difference is that in a brief psychotic disorder, the psychosis lasts less than one month.

Brief reactive psychosis has many of the same symptoms as schizophrenia, including experiencing hallucinations and/or delusions, being incoherent, and having behavior that is bizarre and disorganized. There is no generally accepted cause for this disorder, and research has been scarce in tracking down the condition’s etiology.

You can learn more about brief psychotic disorder in our blog entry on this topic: Kony 2012 Director: What is Brief Reactive Psychosis or Brief Psychotic Disorder?

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Jason Russell: What is Brief Reactive Psychosis?

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