According to a new Canadian study, binge drinking is becoming alarmingly commonplace — especially among younger adults.

Researchers and physicians have learned that binge drinking has associated adverse health risks and is far from benign.

The issue is discussed in a current editorial in Canadian Medical Association Journal where experts call for a better job of controlling overall alcohol usage.

“Given the many stakeholders involved in the sale and consumption of alcohol, we need a national strategy for controlling overall alcohol use,” write the authors of the editorial.

“Public health agencies, the hospitality industry, liquor manufacturers and control boards, municipalities and major granting agencies should collectively turn their attention to evaluate strategies to curb binge drinking.”

“As we await evidence about beneficial interventions, we should strengthen surveillance programs so we can increase public awareness of the high prevalence and known dangers of heavy and binge drinking.”

Communication and discussion with children and youth about the dangers of intoxication such as rape, violence and risk of death is important as is good role modeling about responsible consumption, according to the authors.

Source: Canadian Medical Association Journal