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Archives for May, 2010 - Page 2

Advocacy and Policy

Tai Chi for Mental Health

An examination of 40 studies gives a modestly positive review on the use of tai chi, a low-impact martial art, for improving mental health. The technique has been associated...
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Aggression and Violence

Aggression Modeled on Reality TV

A new Brigham Young University study suggests television reality shows present a new level of aggression to vast audiences. Unfortunately, research suggest the meanness can rub off on viewers...
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New Look at Mental Disorders

Physician experts are calling for a better appreciation of the genetic roots for many mental disorders. New research suggests disorders of brain circuits are likely caused by developmental processes....
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Depression in Young Children

While childhood depression is a well-established diagnosis, research looking at depression in children younger than 6 years old is a relatively new field of study. A new report examines...
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