An expert in the field of emotions and romantic love believes today’s world of television and Internet test romantic relationships.

Prof. Aaron Ben-Ze’ev defines romantic love by “both the romantic desire and the personality traits that underly a long-lasting friendship.”

According to Ben-Ze’ev, in today’s world there is great disparity between the two, as a person is exposed to idealized love on television and the Internet, and then looks at his or her own romantic situation and begins to question it.

“The ideologized phrases for love relationships, such as ‘in the name of love’, ‘no mountain too high,’ ‘no river too deep,’ all form an ideology that we all aspire to fulfill.

“We can’t all reach such ideals, but we strive to achieve them, and our ability depends on the gap that stands between the ideal and reality,” Prof. Ben-Ze’ev explains.

Prof. Aaron Ben-Ze’ev, discusses ideals and experiences of love – and the actual disparity between the two and how we cope with this disparity in his book, In the Name of Love published by Oxford University Press.

The book presents Prof. Ben-Ze’ev’s insights into romantic love and its future in modern society.

Source: University of Haifa