Although the strongest asset for many companies is the workforce, leaders often fail to recognize the consequences of disrespectful managerial behavior.

When an employee believes they have been treated unfairly, new research finds the employee is not likely to forgive and forget.

Behaviors such as deriding employees on their choice of lunch, attire, or habits, can have far-ranging effects on employee mental health.

Research published in the Journal of Management Studies tracks the downward spiral process which is triggered when an employee experiences perceived injustices at work.

Such events create a major stressor which may potentially lead to damaged psychological wellbeing and extreme emotional exhaustion, which directly affects a worker’s ability to cope with workload demands and performance-related expectations.

These individuals are also likely to feel singled out within their work environment and may start to feel unhappy about their jobs as a whole, leading to a change in job-related attitudes and behavior.

This in turn leads to a general depletion in their sense of commitment to the organization, and in the worst-case scenario, an increased risk of voluntary termination and high turnover within organizations.

Source: Wiley