Potential Link between Osteoporosis and DepressionA new review article analyzes the relationship between depression and bone metabolism, including the association between other psychiatric illnesses and osteoporosis.

Although a direct linkage has not been established, study authors report the potential association has been the subject of a growing body of research yielding various findings.

According to the authors, in addition to medication-related processes or modifiable lifestyle factors associated with mood disturbances, endocrine and immune alteration secondary to depression may play a pathogenetic role in bone metabolism.

Furthermore, there are data to suggest low bone mineral density is disproportionately prevalent among those with psychiatric disorders.

Additional longitudinal studies, with the advantage of temporal sequencing, remain to be conducted, as well as research into potential mechanisms surrounding the association.

Nevertheless, according to the authors, the current findings are of clinical relevance, given the health burden of both depression and osteoporosis.

Source: Psychotherapy and Psychosomatics