teacherA new UK study finds that two-thirds of primary school teachers struggle to understand and manage attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) behavior because of a lack of training.

The study, presented at the annual conference of Royal College of Psychiatrists’ Faculty of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, surveyed teachers from six primary schools in Plymouth.

The majority of teachers were also found to lack understanding about the use of stimulant medication to treat ADHD, and about whether or not ADHD is being over-diagnosed.

Unfortunately, only 35 percent of teachers had received any training in understanding or managing ADHD behavior. This is despite teachers playing a vital role in helping to diagnose and manage ADHD.

However, the study did show that teachers who had received training were more likely to work in partnership with parents. This finding suggests that training for teachers could help create a more positive learning environment for children displaying ADHD behavior.

Study author Dr Sheheryar Jovindah, a consultant in child and adolescent psychiatry from Mount Gould Hospital in Plymouth, said it was ‘crucial’ that teachers are provided with better training in understanding and managing ADHD behavior.

Source: Royal College of Psychiatrists