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Archives for June, 2007


Subtypes of Alcoholism Discovered

Analysis of a national sample of individuals with alcohol dependence (alcoholism) revealed five distinct subtypes of the disease. This finding should help dispel the myth that alcoholism is easily...
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New Hope for Body Image Disorder

An obsession with body image affects at least three million Americans. Individuals often go to great lengths to hide from the world, often altering their appearance through plastic surgeries,...
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Sexual Desire Explored

A new survey tool by Spanish researchers is designed to provide a reliable and valid evaluation of sexual desire. The inventory measures both solitary sexual motivation and the interest...
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Antidepressants OK During Pregnancy

Medical authorities have struggled over the potential risk for newborns when a certain class of depression medications is taken during pregnancy. New research suggests use of certain selective serotonin...
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Rx Pain Killer Abuse

Increasingly, the new source for “getting high” is found in medicine cabinets. Authorities report more than 6 million Americans abuse prescription drugs with one in 10 teenagers admitting to...
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Catching Up On Sleep

According to some estimates more than 60 percent of women fail to regularly obtain the recommended seven to nine hours of sleep per night. As sleep debt mounts, physical...
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