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Archives for May, 2007

Mental Health Care for IBS

Severe irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) may be reduced by psychological treatments such as hypnotherapy and antidepressants say British Medical Journal researchers. IBS is a very common disorder, but conventional...
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Specific Risks for Parkinson’s

Researchers discover exposure to pesticides and traumatic head injury may increase the risk of Parkinson’s disease. Further,the risk of developing Parkinson’s disease increases according to the level of exposure....
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Depression Care For Diabetics

Management of diabetes is a challenging endeavor involving meal and activity planning, self-discipline and strict attention to detail. When the medical condition is accompanied by depression the challenge compounds....
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Brain Response to Anxiety

Anxiety disorders are a common psychiatric condition with nearly a dozen different disorders classified in medical literature. New research finds differing patterns of brain activity associated with each of...
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Depression Symptoms Problematic

Conditions accompanying depression significantly affect mental and physical health reducing quality of life and lowering workplace productivity. Common co-occurring conditions include fatigue, sleep problems or anxiety – conditions that...
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