Ideas for Building Self-Esteem

Joshua Rydman, MSW
12 Nov 2003

What can you do to feel better about yourself? Here are some suggestions you can try.

Anything that involves new behavior, new ideas, new beginnings, new projects, a different way of doing things, and expressing the self. This also means suspending judgments about outcomes. It's important to keep an open mind when trying something new. This doesn't mean just about your success, but just the ability to try new things is important in and of itself.

The "I can do this" type of feeling or a new understanding that comes with mastering a new skill or concept.

Giving service to your family, friends, and community is important, positive work. Giving of yourself -- whether it be time, services, or just plain energy -- can be very rewarding.

It is important to take personal time to regularly have fun!

Nothing extraordinary is necessary, a brisk walk will do. Regular exercise fuels creativity and positive moods. And exercise gives a us a sense we've accomplished something.

We all need love and relationships of all types. The hard thing is to make ourselves lovable and attractive to other people. This involves listening to others as well as receiving feedback on our behavior which initially can be painful.

Spiritual Activities and Experiences
These keep us focused on the deeper meaning of life and help us keep problems in perspective.




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