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What to Do When You Feel Like Giving Up

Do Not Give Up Phrase In Wooden TypeWe all have been there. I was there several months ago. I wanted to just end everything because the worry, fear, and doubt was too much to handle. Sometimes giving up seems to be the easiest escape plan. However, to be honest, it is the biggest cop out for all of us. If you have experienced wanting to give up on something, a dream, a marriage, a job, I reassure you that you can change your thinking to reach a positive outlook on your situation.

There are practical steps you can take to address those feelings of wanting to throw in the towel. Below are 5 tips you can use when you feel like giving up. Maybe they will give you an idea or two about how to approach those feelings of wanting to quit.

1. Extend the time in which you expect to achieve the goal.

For example, many people take the leap of faith to do a weight loss challenge at the first of the year. Some may even go as far to hire a trainer and nutritionist. You establish a date to achieve your weight loss goal. However, as you embark on the process you realize the 2lbs you wanted to lose your first week is harder than you think. You feel defeated. But, you can alter this and scale back your time frame. Instead of pushing yourself to lose 2lbs in a week. Challenge yourself to lose 2lbs in 2 weeks instead. There is no harm in adjusting the time, yet still holding onto the goal.

2. Eliminate other activities to make more time for the goal.

If you have decided that you really want to achieve a certain goal no matter what, even though you are behind, then decide which activities you should make priority.  Sometimes we have to eliminate certain activities that may prevent us from reaching our goal. This does not mean we cannot pick them back up at a later time. Just evaluate what is priority and what is not.

3. Evaluate the goal and determine if an adjustment is necessary.

Maybe the original goal was to run a half marathon before summer, but you’ve encountered circumstances that have hindered your ability to run. Perhaps an injury or illness. The point is, you can still run that half marathon, but to make it happen before summer, the original schedule you set up needs to be modified. Adjust to each circumstance. Circumstances will arise when trying to achieve something in life. You cannot allow an obstacle to hinder you from reaching a goal.

Maybe you are dieting and you really wanted to lose a certain amount by a certain time. You haven’t lost the amount you should each week to meet the goal. Instead of giving up, adjust the goal and stay positive!

4. Experience the feelings but drop the effects. 

We sometimes can have a hard time controlling our feelings and emotions. The weight of a heavy issues can effect and beat up on our natural human reaction to remain positive. It is perfectly fine to experience the feelings of wanting to give up. However, the key to success will be not to dwell on your emotions. Find peace through affirmations, mediation, and even working out to allow your mind to focus on the positive. Saturate yourself around positive people to combat negative energy.

5. Envision success.

You have heard the saying, if you envision success, you can achieve success. No matter what happens, never stop moving towards your goal. Always remind and think about what it would be to feel victorious.

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What to Do When You Feel Like Giving Up

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