Hi and welcome. One of the ways that we can use imagery is to help us envision ways that we would like to be. We can imagine how we would most like to be — what qualities we would like to embody, how we might look, how we might move, how we might interact with others. The qualities, the energy, the posture, the way of being that we would like to grow into. And so I’m going to invite you to do a brief imagery exploration of your image of wellness.

And I’m simply going to invite you to imagine how you would be if you were enjoying the highest level of wellness that you can imagine for yourself. Imagining yourself this way can give you something to aim for. It can give you a blueprint. It can remind you of qualities you’d like to develop and embody in yourself as you enjoy high-level wellness. And it can also help to motivate you to care for yourself in the ways that can most likely lead you to enjoying this high level of wellness.

So begin by getting in a comfortable position and taking a deep breath or two, and beginning to shift your attention from the outer world to the inner world. You may find it easier to close your eyes but you’re welcome to open them at any time. And as you breathe in, imagine and notice that you breathe in fresh energy, fresh oxygen that flows through your system. And allow your out-breath to be a real letting-go kind of a breath, releasing and relaxing any tension or discomfort that you don’t need to hold right now. And any time you feel like relaxing more deeply, let yourself breathe deeply again. And breathe in fresh energy and oxygen and clarity, and allow the out-breath to carry away any tension, discomfort, or distraction that you don’t need to hold. And as you begin to relax and go inside, imagine that you go to a place that you like to be in. A place of beauty, and of peacefulness, and of comfort to you. A special place that you enjoy being in.

And it may be a place you’ve imagined being in before or a place you’ve actually gone in your life to commune, to be with yourself. Or it can be a new place that just occurs now. And it doesn’t really matter as long as it’s peaceful and beautiful and safe. And find a spot where you feel most centered and comfortable there as you notice what you imagine seeing around you, and hearing, and smelling. Noticing the temperature and the time of day and the season of the year. And letting yourself get very comfortable and centered. And then when you’re ready, simply invite an image to form there with you for yourself, enjoying high-level wellness. And welcome the image that forms in your awareness and allow it to become clear. An image of you enjoying the highest level of wellness you can imagine.

Take some time to simply observe this image. It may look like you or it may be a symbolic representation of this wellness. But notice what it looks like. What it’s wearing, if anything. Notice how it moves and how it holds itself — what its posture is like. Notice what its face is like. Notice what the image is doing, if anything. And notice whether there are other people, or other living things, or non-living things that are part of this image of high-level wellness for you. Notice especially the qualities that this image seems to embody. What are the qualities you sense in it that convey a sense of wellness to you? And how do those qualities seem to be connected with that sense of wellness?

If you feel comfortable with it, imagine yourself becoming this image — like you can slip into it like a suit of clothes. And notice how that feels. And notice your own posture and the way your face feels as you notice yourself enjoying this level of high-level wellness. And as this well self, imagine looking out of the eyes of this image. How does the world look from this perspective? If you had a motto, what would it be? Notice especially how it feels to experience those feelings of wellness within you.

Become yourself again and observe the image of wellness once more. Does it seem the same or different in any way? Is there anything that you’ve learned about it, or from it, in this short period of time? If you were to want to move toward being more like this image in your daily life, what might you do to support that? What barriers or obstacles come up as you think about that? And how might you deal with those in a healthy way, if you chose to, to take a step towards more wellness today? When you’re ready, thank the image for coming and turn your attention back to the outer world, letting all the images fade and go back to where they came from. And bring back with you whatever you feel is important or interesting about this experience. And when you come fully awake and back into the outer world, you may want to take a few minutes to write about your experience.