Learn more about the book, Use Your Body to Heal Your Mind: Revolutionary Methods to Release all Barriers to Health, Healing and Happiness

In his latest book, Dr. Grayson articulately explains holistic healing, where a person can control reality through their thoughts and feelings to promote wellness and heal illness.

This approach is supported by ancient wisdom as well as modern discoveries in physics, biology, and medicine. This worldview underlies many healing methods that seek to release energy blocks, limiting beliefs, and trapped emotions. Ancient cultures used shamanic methods and rituals to facilitate healing transformations.

In today’s society, methods that help us recognize and release limiting beliefs include muscle testing through kinesiology and using acupressure. This concept of consciousness in medicine isn’t really new. It is a system that has been lost or ignored as technology and the use of drugs have come to dominate medicine and other sciences.

Grayson’s book explores the evidence for the perspective that consciousness connects us all and provides the power to heal ourselves. He believes that each and every person has the capability to lead happy, healthy and productive lives. However, most, if not all, people subconsciously believe they’re not worthy of all the great and beautiful things that life has to offer.

This book has many excellent quotes and practical exercises to help readers address their own unconscious beliefs. The book informs us that we often have unconscious beliefs and intentions that lead us to create and maintain illnesses. Merely repeating positive affirmations won’t work, if those unconscious beliefs/programs aren’t cleared out first. That’s why these energy psychology techniques are so important. They help shift the beliefs/thinking and emotions at the level of consciousness.

Grayson cites many sources and evidence to show how emotions affect health and are keys to understanding illness. This book is best read carefully to really absorb and integrate the wisdom it offers. Opening up to its empowering perspective will prepare readers to effectively apply the exercises presented in the book.

As I read “Use Your Body,” I categorized the information into two areas: self-help and how-to. There are a lot of explanations on how people end up trapped in their negative states, whether they are emotional or physical; conscious or subconscious or even intentional or unintentional. Self-evaluations help readers explore what type of negativity might be affecting them. Grayson goes on to explain several approaches to break the negative pattern, depending on the individual.

I truly believe that, as he concludes, what you think does affect your health and the way your body works.  There were some things that made this book unfortunately hard to get through at times. I had issues with the very technical language he uses to discuss quantum physics.

I also found the book redundant about certain things, mainly how negative emotions affect the human body and how we have the capability to fix it without any third-party help. I believe the book could have been cut in half to make it more direct.

Despite those two personal issues I had with the book, I do believe in and support what Grayson is trying to get across in his latest book. We aren’t as disconnected from the universe as we feel. We have the ability to tap into its greatness and to heal ourselves without heavily relying upon drugs, doctors and different therapies.

 Use Your Body to Heal Your Mind: Revolutionary Methods to Release all Barriers to Health, Healing and Happiness
BalboaPress, March, 2012
Paperback, 336 pages

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