3. Make Your Own Gifts

    I know what you are thinking: “No one really likes those homemade gifts, do they?” The truth of the matter is, yes, they really do. Most friends and relative truly appreciate the time and thoughtfulness that goes into handmade presents.

    Here is one great idea that everyone seems to enjoy receiving. And don’t worry if you are not crafty. You don’t need to be!

How to Make Your Own Christmas Ornaments

Instead of spending tons of money on store-bought ornaments, make your own. All you need are:

  • some cookie cutters;
  • a rolling pin;
  • clay you can bake in your oven (available at any craft store);
  • different colored paints,
  • glue, and
  • ribbon, preferably red and green.

After you gather your supplies, use your rolling pin to flatten the clay on a nonstick surface. Then, just as if you were making cookies, use your cookie cutters to cut various shapes in the clay. Place the pieces on a baking sheet in your oven for the time directed on the box of clay. As soon as the clay ornaments are finished cooking, take them out of the oven and allow some time to cool.

When the ornaments are cool, paint them to your liking. For example, if you made a Christmas tree ornament, paint the clay green and add red and silver dots to represent lights. You can even paint the gift recipient’s name on the ornament if you would like. After you allow some time for the paint to dry, glue a looped ribbon on the top of the ornament so it can be hung from the tree.

If you want, place the ornaments in fun holiday-themed gift boxes to make them look extra-special. Voila! You have an inexpensive Christmas gift to hand out to your relatives.

So people, I ask you this: Whatever happened to spending time together, enjoying good food and company? Listening to cheesy music and relaxing by the tree have been replaced by starry-eyed dreaming about Christmas wishes of PlayStation 25 from Sony, the million-gigabyte iPod from Apple, or the 50-karat diamond pendant from Kay’s Jewelers. Bigger is better, right? Well, not in my world, it isn’t. At least, not anymore.