On the first beautiful day in New England, I was amazed to see that my gym was packed. Why wasn’t everyone outside exercising instead of being inside the gym? It’s because many people are most comfortable with the known, measurable workouts you can get in a gym. They are not sure how to duplicate their exercises outside without using gym machines. Here are 10 great ways to enjoy the spring weather by taking your workout outside.

1. Go jogging. Throw on your sneakers and go out for a jog. You don’t need to run 20 miles or sprint as fast as you can. A comfortable walking, jogging combination is a great workout. Try jogging for a few minutes, then walking for a few minutes, then jogging again.

2. Jump rope. Jump ropes are available for a few dollars at any sporting goods store. They are also available in the sporting goods section at most big stores like Target or Kmart.

3. Ride your bike. Get the bike out of the basement and get on it! Explore a new neighborhood or find a nearby bike trail.

4. Go hiking. A simple web search can provide you with all sorts of great hiking destinations.

5. Play a sport. Get your friends and family together for some softball or soccer. If you can’t rally entire teams of people, get a basketball and head to a nearby court to shoot some hoops.

6. Make up an exercise routine. Almost anything can be an exercise routine. Do 50 jumping jacks, then 15 pushups, then sprint up and down your street. Or, do 30 squats, 10 kicks with each leg, then 50 crunches. You can do any combination of exercises you would like. Get creative!

7. Do some outdoor yoga. Yoga does not have to be contained within a studio. Take your yoga mat outside and do your sun salutations under the sun.

8. Go for a walk. Instead of meeting a friend for coffee or a beer, take a long walk together.

9. Lift weights. Get some dumbbells and do your strength training outside.

10. Play. Run around with a dog or a child. Dogs and kids love to romp outside. If you don’t have either of these, grab a friend’s dog or a niece or nephew!

Stacey Rosenberg is a certified personal trainer in Boston.