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Stay Sexy Your Entire Life!

If you are over 50 and want the best that life has to offer, you probably desire a passionate, stimulating sex life. If you are under 50, you probably wonder what you have to look forward to sexually once you reach the half-century mark.

The Good News

Research clearly shows that sex after 60 can actually be better than ever. Enjoyment can increase as partners continue to share love, life, fun, and intimacy throughout the years.

A recent poll of 6,000 men and women over the age of 60 reported that 37 percent still had sex at least once a week.

A Masters and Johnson study of 250 sexually active couples found that frequency of intercourse declined only slightly between the ages of 60 and 70.

Married men in their 60s claim that they experience deeper sexual satisfaction than when they were 20 and single, while older married women admit that they are sexually happier than when they were younger (provided they have successfully dealt with the physical and emotional changes that accompany menopause).

Studies reveal that 62 percent of healthy men and 30 percent of healthy women between the ages of 80 and 102 still have sexual intercourse! Many older couples describe a satisfying sex life consisting of touching and caressing as forms of sexual expression and love toward one another, even if they don’t have intercourse.

The idea of having a full and rewarding sex life (even until we’re 100!) is, undoubtedly, appealing. Physicians, clinicians, and sex researchers know it is possible to ensure an active sex life, no matter how many birthdays we’ve had.

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Seven Simple Steps That Can Ensure Continued Sexual Satisfaction

1. Cultivate your very own irresistible aphrodisiacs. A vigorous and well-cared-for body and a lively personality are two of the most powerful aphrodisiacs known to man (and woman). Best of all, you can have them with you at all times if you want them. Imagine — homegrown, ever-ready aphrodisiacs. And they’re legal, too!

Staying healthy, fit, and vibrant not only makes us outwardly attractive and alluring to others, but helps us feel sexy, desirable, and confidant as well. That confidence creates “sexual energy,” a seductive charisma guaranteed to awaken a partner’s sexual interest.

Naturally, the most obvious way to stay healthy and fit is to take care of yourself: don’t smoke, use alcohol moderately, control your blood pressure and weight, eat a well-balanced diet, get regular exercise and adequate rest. And remember, regular check-up visits to your physician must be an essential part of your sexual fitness program.

Best of all, couples who work to stay healthy together enjoy the added benefit of building emotional closeness while they share a sport or fitness activity. Taking brisk walks together, for instance, gives couples an opportunity to talk, to share ideas and feelings, and to relax their nervous systems while giving two respiratory systems and happy hearts a healthy workout.

2. Think young, fun, and — yes — sexy. When you watch someone who is enthusiastic, youthful, jovial, and having a good time, do you even notice how old that person is? Probably not. Most likely you just want to get to know that person and be part of the high spirits. And when you keep your attitude and behavior youthful and playful, you’ll be the person others are attracted to and want to know.

Often, youthful people who are over 50 feel guilty because they frequently think about sex the way they did when they were 20 years old. Surely, they fear, it must be nonsense for someone with graying hair and mature stature to have the lusty notions and urges of post-adolescence. Don’t you believe it! You’re supposed to think about sex the same way you did when you were 20; you just might not think about it as often. Nonetheless, your personal approach to sex at 50 and beyond is supposed to be as titillating, erotic, and creative as it was when you were 25. Feel and be sexual without guilt! Loosen up and be inventive! Go ahead and have more fun than you did years ago. (But always be responsible, of course.)

Stay Sexy Your Entire Life!

Anthony Fiore

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