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How to Best Support a Loved One with Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder is a difficult illness. For Arden Tucker, an episode of depression can be especially debilitating. Like many who experience bipolar disorder, Tucker fears she won’t recapture the essence of who she really is, the person she was before the depression began.

“My bipolar...


Depression Treatment: Where We Are Missing the Mark

Depression affects 450 million people worldwide and 15 million adults in the United States () alone. Suicide is the 10th leading cause of death in the United States, claiming over 40,000 lives every year. We see these heartbreaking stories making headlines too often, and there are tens of thousands more we do not know about.

The scariest part? There...


How to Figure Out Who You Are Outside of Work

If you love what you do, it’s all-too easy for it to consume your identity—especially if your career is demanding and fast-paced. You find yourself checking email after hours, and thinking about work. All. The. Time. You find yourself falling asleep with a laptop...


Are Your Parents Toxic?

Toxic relationships include relationships with toxic parents. Typically, they do not treat their children with respect as individuals. They won’t compromise, take responsibility for their behavior, or apologize. Often these parents have a mental disorder or have a serious addiction. We all live with...

Children and Teens

Child Development: The First Mirror

"In individual emotional development the precursor of the mirror is the mother’s face."  - D. W. Winnicott, Mirror-role of Mother and Family in Child Development
When we look into someone's eyes, we can feel loved, or hated, dismissed or understood.



The Business Lessons We Learn from Psychopaths

Throughout college and university, I had the rare opportunity to study and observe what we would deem as sociopaths, psychopaths. At the time, very little was understood about these groups, such that it wasn’t reflected in the DSM-IV, the instrument I was...


4 Sets of Somatic Mindfulness Exercises for People Who Have Experienced Trauma

For many people who have experienced trauma, practicing mindfulness can bring up painful and overwhelming emotions that they don’t necessarily have the resources to deal with. The focused attention of mindfulness can send a traumatized person into a state of heightened emotional arousal, which can be disorienting and even trigger dissociation. Whether it’s from a single traumatic event, or from physical or emotional needs having been consistently not attuned to or abused, trauma...