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Accepting the Reality of COVID-19

When most people hear the term “acceptance,” they associate it with a passive state of contentment. As therapists, we know that patients can proactively harness acceptance to cope not only with everyday distress, but also unprecedented challenges, including the myriad emotional, physical,...


Those Springtime Cheating Hearts

“Spring is nature’s way of saying, ‘Let’s party!’” - Robin Williams
Spring has sprung. Days are getting longer, sunnier, and warmer. While winter in colder climes can drive people indoors and into a low-grade depression, spring -- ah, spring...


When Will You Know You Are Ready for Treatment?

While some people who’ve become addicted to alcohol and drugs have to hit rock bottom before they’re ready to accept treatment, most realize or can be convinced of the need to get professional help long before such a calamitous event.

As for the timing, knowing when you are ready for addiction treatment, it’s different for everyone. There is no "right time" or "best time" to go into treatment. But you may still be wondering, "How will I know it may be time for...


Using DBT Skills in the Time of the Coronavirus

Dialectic Behavior Therapy (DBT) provides us with many excellent concepts and skills to practice and incorporate with various areas of distress and dysregulation, including the current uncertain times of living with COVID-19. The way in which this pandemic illness is spreading all over the world and is the focus of most any current conversation requires that we find a way to cope effectively. Marsha Linehan, the founder and developer of DBT, provides us with...


The Secret Weapon That Will Improve All of Your Relationships

Prior to 1960, the residents of the little town of Roseto, Pennsylvania, had superpowers. Roseto was highly resistant to the biggest killer in the United States. Even today, it accounts for well over 600,000 deaths a year. Yet, Roseto had a fraction of the deaths compared to nearby towns. 

What was this villain? 

Heart Disease. 

This caught the eye of the Center for Social Research at Lehigh University, who conducted a study