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Success in High School Is Up to You

Yup. It’s September. Most teens have been back in school for a few weeks already. Many have made promises that this year will be different. This year will be more successful and less stressed. If you are one...


Get Off the Not So Merry-Go-Round of Arguing and Arguing

Amusement park rides can be exhilarating and lots of fun for young and old alike. However, disagreements that seem to spin out of control faster than we know what the heck just happened can feel more like a ride in a house of horrors. They often lead to hurt feelings and avoidance of talking about concerns, until a certain look or comment triggers the switch and the ride on the not so merry-go-round...

Attention Deficit Disorder

Controlling Screen Time for Children with ADHD

Parents are often concerned about their child’s screen time and report difficulty enforcing limits. Screen time includes time with all screens including social media, online gaming, and watching videos. Enforcing limits on screen time can be particularly challenging...


My Shame Experience

Sprawled on the hallway floor, skirt flying, hitting and kicking, I wrestled with Tina before a crowd of junior high school schoolmates, including a dozen boys from my class. Tina was a gang member who had recently transferred from another school. She...


Are You Raising Your Grandchildren?

When I arrived at Rosa’s house, she was making popcorn for her two grandsons, ages 8 and 6. The kids greeted me, then happily took their snack out to the backyard. Rosa sighed. “How is it going? I asked. Rosa has been...


What Is It Really Like to Stay at a Psychiatric Hospital?

Most of us have very specific, vivid ideas about what staying in a psychiatric hospital looks like. These ideas have likely been shaped by Hollywood or sensationalist news stories. Because how often do we hear about someone’s real-life stay at a psychiatric facility?

If going to therapy is rarely talked about, the conversations surrounding psychiatric hospitals are virtually non-existent. So we tend to imagine wild, worst-case scenarios.

To provide a more accurate picture, we asked several individuals...


Vitamins for Depression

In trying to cope with the debilitating symptoms of depression, people often turn to vitamins, supplements, herbs, or home remedies first. And it's no wonder -- such efforts to alleviate symptoms are often far less expensive and easier to obtain. For some, it may...

Memory and Perception

Flashbulb Memories: How Emotion Influences Cognition

What are flashbulb memories?

The theory of flashbulb memories was proposed by Roger Brown and James Kulik in 1977 after they investigated memories of the JFK assassination. They found that people had very vivid memories of when they received the news including exactly...


Why Do We Love an Abuser?

Falling in love happens to us -- usually before we really know our partner. It happens to us because we’re at the mercy of unconscious forces, commonly referred to as “chemistry.” Don’t judge yourself for loving...


Can You Feel Your Fear But Take the Risks Anyway?

“There is no illusion greater than fear.” - Lao Tzu
I was introduced to the book penned by Susan Jeffers back in the 1980s, called Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway. It was a revelation for me in my early adulthood that the two states didn’t need to exist independent of each other. I was not a particularly shy or...


What Parents Can Do When Their Child Is Anxious

When anxiety and avoidance behavior interfere with life activities in the family, school, or the community, a child may have an anxiety disorder. Anxiety disorders are the most common mental health condition among adolescents with close to 32% of youth experiencing an...


How Empaths Can Recover from the Summer

Empaths, or highly sensitive people, feel everything all around them deeply. They pick up on energy, subtle or not, from environmental cues and daily surroundings at all times. One of the major downsides of being an empath, despite many of the secret...