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Book Reviews

Book Review: The Art of the Wasted Day

To live, one must let go. Let go of notions of time, ideas of importance, deep seated feelings of guilt, and the ever nagging desire to do something. It is only then that we can truly get lost in thought, in our own minds,...


Book Review: Anxiety Relief for Kids

Many parents look for books that offer guidance and understanding about psychological problems their children may be experiencing. Mental health professionals also frequently recommend such books to families receiving counseling and other therapeutic services. Unfortunately, parent-advice books are often poor quality, difficult to understand,...


5 Mind-Body Exercises for Anxiety Relief

Anxiety can drain a lot of energy, making it hard to keep doing what we want to or to feel connected to others. What’s worse is that it can pull us into feeling like it might never change. It can take different forms, ranging from nervous and worried thoughts, to self-doubts and feeling not good enough, to a frantic and restless sense of needing to do more, or to a purely physical experience of...


Best Ways to Spend Idle Time

If you ever feel like there just isn’t enough time in the day to get things done, you’re probably overstressed, overworked and overcommitted. On the other hand, do you sometimes recognize that time stretches on, like you’re in a slow-motion movie, and it seems like this moment will last forever? How can two different views of time exist? Here are some of my favorite quotes on time that may serve as reflection on the...


Understanding Elderly Emotional Abuse and Its Preventive Measures

Among all types of elder abuse, psychological and emotional abuse is the most common and persistence issue. In fact, emotional abuse is also the hardest to track as often goes unreported. Unlike financial or sexual exploitation, the act of emotional abuse is not obviously considered criminal in nature. Contrary to physical abuse, emotional abuse doesn’t leave any physical evidence. In such a case, family members and other loved ones of a senior may...


What Is Digital Self-Harm?

Self-harm can consist of many different techniques ranging from physical abuse to psychological abuse. Commonly it’s associated with physical pain such as cutting or burning of the skin, but that’s not the only type of self-harm. Digital self-harm is a new form of psychological abuse that is mainly seen in adolescents and is more popular with boys. While the abuse is primarily focused on emotional harm rather than physical harm, the mistreatment is thought...


The Need for Family Therapy After Cancer

Although cancer has become more treatable due to advances in medicine that lead to earlier detection and effective treatment options, it still carries a life-altering diagnosis. It is frightening, scary, and is accompanied by a range of emotions that will impact anyone’s life -- both in the patient and their loved ones as well. A cancer diagnosis is given to an individual, but often because of the impact of cancer...

Children and Teens

’13 Reasons Why’: Critique by a Recovered Depressive

I almost had the same fate as Hannah Baker.

After having teetered so close to the edge of death, I am surprised a lot of days that I am actually still alive, that I didn't perish in the bathtub when I dropped the hairdryer into the water.

I finished watching the second season of 13 Reasons Why last night, and this show has stirred up a storm of thoughts and emotions...


Why Do We Worry So Much?

Worrying seems to be commonplace for many, if not, most people today. The question I often asked myself is, why do people worry? A little worry is probably necessary in order to motivate us to do things that need to get done. On the other hand, excessive worry tends to keep us incapacitated to the point of indecision and inaction.

In asking myself the question of Why Do People Worry? I draw upon my 25+...

Attention Deficit Disorder

How to Find the Right ADHD Coach for You

When you have ADHD you can easily feel overwhelmed and paralyzed. You may have a hard time with everything from prioritizing tasks to completing projects to managing your time to organizing your home.

You also procrastinate. You’re constantly running late. Planning makes you break out in hives (figuratively). You feel like life is pulling you in a thousand directions, and you’re all over the place. You feel like you’ve yet to reach your potential, and accomplishing...


How to Handle Things When Therapy Is Not Working

One of the most challenging scenarios for those seeking psychotherapy is figuring out what to do if progress has slowed, stopped or the therapy just doesn’t seem to be doing anything to support your growth. Some people handle the situation by abruptly switching therapists or dropping out therapy all together. Worse, others continue working with the same therapist blindly hoping that the process will work or drawing unhealthy conclusions about their inability to change....


Managing Dental Anxiety

Fear of going to the dentist is a common health-care related anxiety. Patients often express a broad range of triggers, such as the fear of pain, claustrophobia, needles, sounds, or sensations. Unfortunately, long term avoidance of oral healthcare can lead to deeply debilitating problems that can be physically, psychologically and socially impactful. Our mouth represents a center point for our survival, by impacting our ability to eat comfortably and communicate. So, caring for...


Learned Helplessness and C-PTSD

In 1967, Martin Seligman, one of the founders of Positive Psychology and his research group carried out a fascinating, if somewhat morally dubious experiment in his quest to understand the origins of depression. In this experiment, three groups of dogs were confined in harnesses. The dogs in group 1 were simply placed in their harnesses then released after a period of time, but the dogs in groups 2 and 3 did not have it...

Autism / Asperger

Were You an Intense Child?

People’s brains vary. Research has shown that some people are born with a neurological make up that can make them more emotionally or intellectually intense, sensitive, and more open to external stimuli than the general population.

They are more aware of subtleties; their brain processes information and reflects on it more deeply. At their best, they can be exceptionally perceptive, intuitive, and keenly observant of the subtleties of the environment. Yet they...


Maintaining a Healthy Relationship When Your Partner Has Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder is a difficult, complicated illness. And like any illness, it can naturally spill over into your relationship. As couples therapist Julia Nowland noted, “Bipolar disorder can be an emotional roller-coaster ride for the couple, with many ups and downs that mimic the disorder itself.”

But this doesn’t mean your relationship is doomed to fail.

Having a strong and fulfilling relationship is absolutely possible when both partners are committed to working as a team and creating a...

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