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Harry’s Story with Depression

From 1961 to 1996, I worked in the same profession with the same company. I was married to the same lady for 42 years. I raised four girls, put them all through college and they all graduated with honors. All are now successfully living their lives. I borrowed no money for their college and took out no student loans.

I never had a legal problem or credit problem and I never had a speeding or parking ticket in my life. I used to give speeches and conduct seminars. I was a teacher, a trainer, a multi-million dollar producing agent, the top ranked sales manager out of 2,500 sales managers. I was selected to be a developmental sales manager out of those 2,500-the only one in the company. I used to go through airports, catch airplanes, meet lots of new people, see wonderful sights, be a counselor, a friend. I never had a company complaint, an employee complaint or a customer complaint.

I developed a plan to raise $1 million for our local hospital and did so. I raised 2,500 letters for the mayor for a project he was working on in two weeks, when The Kansas City Star said it would be impossible. I wrote a weekly article for the local newspaper. I lived in the same wonderful house for 30 years.

Then in 1996, after never drinking or smoking, a not-my-fault auto accident broke every bone in my face and cracked my skull. My brain was shook up extensively. I have plates in my face and my bones hurt all the time.

I can never drive an automobile for the rest of my life. From the neck down I am perfect. I can think, run this computer and still have all the knowledge I had. It took me four years to get on my feet, but I accomplished what the doctors said I would never do.

I can work in my nine flower gardens now. I can mow my flat lawn. I have brain seizures because of the accident and don’t know when one will come. They last 30 seconds or so-enough to keep me from driving (it would be too dangerous).

Now, in the winter I look out the window and wish. In the summer I work in the yard. No company will hire me to work out of my house. I could do many things. I realize I am 62 years old, but I don’t want to have to retire. There are no government plans for people like me. The state employment office has nothing. People are afraid of a person who is ill or been injured.

Depression? Yes, lots of it, but I pulled myself out of that also. I did it. So now I learn and study from my computer. I laugh when people complain or gripe. They should really be challenged and see what it is like.

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Harry’s Story with Depression

Lynn Ponton, MD

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