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Grief & Loss Resources

Beautiful Tribute

The mission at Beautiful Tribute is to allow everyone to create a stunning, personalized memorial page in minutes. Upload multiple pictures, video, music and more. You can create a public or password protected memorial as well as choose to approve what’s posted with no ads, no fees and no archiving. Memories last an eternity and so will your online memorial.

Bereavement Advice

When someone dies there are many practical matters to attend to and very few of us have to deal with these more than once or twice in our own lifetime. This resource was created in order to help guide you through the stages of bereavement and hopefully offer some advice on what to do when dealing with the deceased’s estate and personal matters.

Grief and Sympathy

Grief and Sympathy is written by nurse, health visitor and hospice matron Elizabeth Postle who had over 45 years experience helping the bereaved. This resource encompasses all types of loss including divorce, chronic illness, pet loss, disability, and grief due to a relative with Alzheimer’s disease as well as bereavement. It also includes poems, quotes, and advice for planning funerals and expressing sympathy to those who are dealing with loss.

Grief Healing

Developed by a certified bereavement counselor, this site offers information, comfort and support to those who are anticipating or mourning the loss of a loved one, whether human or animal. Includes articles on various aspects of loss as well as links to other resources. – Grief & Loss Resources

“Grief is a natural yet painful response to loss. While you may associate grief with the death of a loved one, any loss can cause grief, including the loss of a relationship, your health, your job, or a cherished dream. There is no right or wrong way to grieve, but there are healthy ways to cope with the pain and express your emotions in ways that allow you to heal.”

Hospice Foundation of America

The Hospice Foundation of America provides extensive information about the grieving process, including dozens of articles and useful information for anyone going through the grieving process. Articles include:

  • Shattering Eight Myths About Grief
  • A Year is a Relative Thing
  • Facing Sudden Loss
  • Guilt and Regret in Prolonged Illness
  • Helping a Child Deal with Death
  • Eight Myths About Children and Loss
  • Reflections on Spiritual Problems in Sudden Loss
  • After Caregiving Ends
  • Holiday Memories
  • Grief and the Holidays
  • Am I Losing My Mind?

Journey Through Grief

Journey Through Grief provides various ways of learning to cope and deal with grief, trauma, loss and sorrow; from grief poems to the making of memory books, memorial gardens and more.

Memorial Haven

An online obituary and memorial site where individuals can celebrate the lives of their deceased loved ones. The online memorials and tributes act as “scrapbooks” of the lives of those lost. Post condolence messages to the bereaved and share memories through photos and videos.

Memory Space from Mind

Mind’s Memory Space is a place where you, your friends and your family can keep photos and share stories of a loved one, and create a tribute fund as a lasting memory of a loved one.

Sympathy Message Ideas

A resource offering help and examples when struggling with finding the right words to express your sympathy in a bereavement or condolence message.

Created by Tom Golden, LCSW, this website is devoted to helping people understand and deal with profound grief. provides free resources for those experiencing loss, including articles and forums, as well as paid services and tools provided by Mr. Golden through his workshops and private practice.

Grief & Loss Support Groups

Compassionate Friends

Compassionate Friends was created to assist families grieving the death of a child of any age. This group offers friendship, understanding, and hope to bereaved parents, grandparents and siblings.

Facebook Groups – Greyhound Grief Support Group

This peer to peer Facebook group is for those who have lost a beloved greyhound. Please join and share your memories, cry, laugh or talk about your beloved grey. Share your memories of their birthdays, photos, or how you are honoring them. Let this be a safe place to come together and find comfort in shared grief.

Facebook Groups – Healing Circles Grief Recovery and Support

The Healing Circles is a peer-to-peer Facebook support group whose members provide each other with emotional support with grief after the loss of a loved one. Members with the same issues can come together for sharing coping strategies, to feel more empowered and achieve a sense of community.

Help given and received through this forum may take the form of providing and evaluating relevant information relating personal experience, listening and accepting others’ experiences, and/or providing sympathetic understanding while establishing social networks.

Facebook Groups – I Miss My Son/Daughter

This is a group for parents ONLY, including anyone in a parental role that has experienced the death of a child. Members take comfort knowing that they are sharing their experiences with those that can understand and comprehend what they are going through.

Facebook Groups – POS – FFOS Suicide Grief Support Group

The POS-FFOS Grief Support Forum Board is here to provide information and support to anyone whose life has been touched by suicide. This board is an outreach project of the Parents of Suicides (POS) and Friends & Families of Suicides (FFOS) Internet Communities.

This is not a suicide or crisis hotline. Please contact a counselor, family member, friend, or emergency services if you are having suicidal thoughts.

Facebook Groups – Suicide Grief Support

This peer-to-peer Facebook group is here to listen to the survivors left behind by suicide. They can’t make the hurt go away, but they have been there before you and they will be by your side as you take this journey.

Please note that this groups is not intended for those that have attempted suicide, but for teenagers or young adults who have lost a friend or classmate.

Facebook Groups – TTTS Grief Support Group

This group is founded by and maintained by Twin to Twin Transfusion Loss parents. They have no affiliations with any organizations, foundations or religious groups. All TTTS loss parents are welcome to join this closed group in order to share, contribute and both offer and receive support without judgement.

Grief Healing Discussion Groups

This resource offers a safe, anonymous, online place where the bereaved can share their stories of loss and ask questions to learn more about the normal grieving process.

If you are anticipating or coping with a significant loss in your life and wish to better understand the grief that accompanies such loss, this site has been created to offer you the information, comfort and support that you need.

As you proceed along your grief journey, what you’ll find on these pages is meant to acknowledge and honor you as a person in mourning, to help you make some sense out of what you may be feeling, to prepare you for what to expect in grief, and to help you find meaning, growth and healing along the way.


HealGrief is dedicated to bringing family and friends from around the world together to memorialize and celebrate a loved one’s life. A non-profit organization offering a free online community where you can share funeral notices, memorials, virtual candle galleries and other support.

Psych Central Forums – Grief & Loss

A helpful place to visit for support when you’ve lost a loved one, either through death or some other kind of loss.

Rainbows for All Children

Rainbows for All Children is dedicated to being the premier source of support for all youth as they navigate grief and heal from loss, whether from death, divorce, deployment, or other trauma. Rainbows nurtures a community of effective Rainbows-trained Facilitators, supported by a repository of resources designed to guide youth in their grieving process.
Rainbows is unique in that it offers support services for children suffering from different kinds of loss. Their trained facilitators, using age-appropriate curriculum, establish peer support groups in schools, faith-based organizations, or community centers.

Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors

Every year, hundreds of soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines die in service to our country. While some of them will make the ultimate sacrifice on the field of battle, others will lose their lives while living a unique life as a service member. These men and women will leave behind their beloved family and friends. Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors (TAPS) is an organization created to provide comfort, support and care to these military survivors.

Grief & Loss Resources

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