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Frequently Asked Questions about EMDR

What will I experience during an EMDR treatment?

Before any EMDR treatment, there is a preparation & assessment phase. The purpose of the preparation phase is to help you feel safe within yourself and to explain and demonstrate EMDR techniques so you know what to expect. The purpose of the assessment phase is to isolate memories to work with in EMDR that are the root of your emotional/physical pain today. The length of time for each of these phases varies per person dependent upon their individual needs.

Once the preparation and assessment phases are complete, the treatment phase begins. You will be asked to focus on a “target” image (one selected together during the assessment phase) while following the practitioners fingers (or a pen) with your eyes. Once you start the eye movement, you will find it very difficult to focus on the memory. This is normal. The initial focusing on the memory opens the door to the memory, the EMDR completes the processing on a deeper subconscious level.

The eye movements are done in short sets (15-30 seconds) with breaks in between of varying length dependent upon your needs. The sets continue until processing is complete for a given memory. You can stop the process at any time by raising your hand. It is important to remember that your brain is doing the processing and that you are the one in control.

EMDR is a passive process. Just will be asked to just let whatever happens, happen. You may experience feelings, thoughts, body sensations. You may experience nothing. Whatever you experience, you will be asked to notice it as if you were passing by it on a train rather than being within the experience. If at any time you feel overwhelmed, you only need to raise your hand to stop the process. You will be asked to share what comes up in the break between sets. There are no right or wrong answers. This information will only guide future sets.

Your feelings surrounding a given event will be rated by you (from 1-10) both prior to and after EMDR treatment. The aim of every EMDR session is noticeable improvement by the time you leave the session.

How long does each EMDR session last?

Sessions are done in either 60 or 90 min intervals.

How frequently is EMDR treatment recommended?

Dr. Shapiro recommends once per week if possible. However, I believe that frequency is about what ultimately feels comfortable for you.

How long is the overall treatment with EMDR?

It is important to note that EMDR is always done in the context of an overall therapy plan. The EMDR time portion itself varies for each individual. Starting off with at least 3 sessions of EMDR will give you some idea of its effectiveness for you and the rate at which you are healing. From there it is dependent upon your individual needs and situation.

Frequently Asked Questions about EMDR

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