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Freewill’s Story

My story…. there isn’t much to tell…

An incest survivor, a survivor of a pedophile of 4 years who happened to be my teacher, physical abuse starting at age 2 — being locked in closets and such, neglect, 12 years of marriage to man that battered me, rape survivor from my husband. A Mom that had a chronic health condition with her heart being responsible for her care. And the loss of my beloved grandma, unexpectly at age 17. I held her in my arms as she passed. Five operations before I hit 21. And a very coveted 4 year college degree — Yippee!!.

And yes, did I forget to mention my diagnosis of DID. Received the dx of MPD, 22 years ago. I do believe that was the most devastating day of my life (beyond the death of my grandma). Little did I know, that years later I am very thankful for the dx — the tools that allowed me to live thru so much abuse and neglect in my life.

And a miracle happened in my life. God provided a very small, helpless person in my life that loved me unconditionally. The conception and birth of my son. At 19, I wasn’t “supposed” to survive, I had an ovarian cyst the size of a cantaloupe. The doctors I saw “chalked” my illness at the time to depression. Yep, during that day and age — everything they couldn’t solve was “depression.” So when all my internal systems shut down — I checked into the hospital on a Friday night and heard the news ” you won’t live thru the weekend”. So at 19, I was dying and very alone. With emergency surgery they “patched” me together, several surgeries later they said you will be forever childless.

Fast forward, my son’s birth changed everything. I can remember promising him in the hospital that I would keep him “safe….forever plus a day.” I divorced my husband and endured years of being stalked by him. Fast forward 23 years and I have a wonderful son. And co-consciousness with DID. I am thankful for my mind that allowed me to continue my life that might not have been.

Freewill’s Story


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