How Treatment Can Help

It is said that depression is an illness in which people cannot identify what they feel or why they experience what they do feel. In either case, events occur and feelings are pushed out of awareness, or feelings are experienced but the precipitating events are ignored and forgotten. In addition, it is also said that depression is “learned helplessness” because the person is convinced that problems cannot be solved.

Psychotherapy is an effective treatment for depression. It helps individuals identify the reasons for their feelings or what those feelings might be after some precipitating event has occurred. By helping to make this connection between thoughts and feelings, people gain a better sense of understanding and control over their lives. Choices of action become available and the person discovers an entire variety of ways to solve problems.

When feelings are too overwhelming to be helped by psychotherapy alone, antidepressant medication is available. The combination of psychotherapy and medication is extremely effective and makes depression a very treatable illness.

Adapted, with permission, from Dr. Allan N. Schwartz’s Web site, located at: