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Children and Teens

Can We Decide Not to Worry?

I was an anxious child and an anxious teenager. After I graduated high school, I made a conscious choice not to worry. I distinctly remember saying to myself, “Enough...
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Stress and Drinking

Studies indicate that many people drink as a means of coping with modern life and its accompanying economic stress, job stress and marital discord. Today’s fast-paced society offers little...
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What Is Stress?

What makes some events stressful and others not? How can I know it is stress that I am experiencing, not anxiety or depression? What happens to the stress if...
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Coping with Job Stress

Jobs and careers are an important part of our lives. Along with providing a source of income, they help us fulfill our personal aims, build social networks, and serve...
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What is Catastrophizing?

Catastrophizing is an irrational thought a lot of us have in believing that something is far worse than it actually is. Catastrophizing can generally can take two forms. The...
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