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Articles on Smoking

Healthy Living

In Search of Better Sleep

After a year of emotional upheavals and health challenges, I resolved to enter 2018 with a singularly proactive step: getting more restful, productive sleep. It can’t be coincidental that...
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Preparing to Quit Smoking

Just thinking about quitting may make you anxious. But your chances will be better if you get ready first. Quitting works best when you’re prepared. Before you quit, START...
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Can Smoking Cause Depression?

Researchers have made bold claims about cigarette smoking leading to depression. It has long been known that smokers have higher rates of depression than nonsmokers, but researchers from the...
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Why Should I Quit Smoking?

One of the most important parts of learning to quit smoking is understanding your motivations for wanting to quit. Wanting to quit for someone else is a sure indicator...
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Second and Third-Hand Smoke

Second-hand smoke can cause cancer in nonsmokers. It can also cause breathing problems and heart disease. People who breathe secondhand smoke get colds and flu more easily. And they...
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