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Beating the Holiday Blues

Joy to the world! ‘Tis the season to be jolly! Festive music fills the air; holiday cheer abounds. Everyone is happy at holiday time — right? Wrong. Truth be...
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Multipurpose Moms

How many hats do you wear? Do your roles include: mother, wife, career woman, organizer, negotiator, taxi service, psychologist, cook, lover, friend and role model? To refer to you...
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How To Fight Fairly

From suburban parks to professional stadiums, team members follow pre-established rules when playing baseball or football. Boxing has the Marquis of Queensberry rules that turn what might have been...
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Children and Teens

About Family Therapy

Family therapy views a person’s symptoms as taking place in the larger context of the family. Without understanding that larger group and the complex, dynamic interactions that take place...
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Dating a Divorcee With Kids

Dating someone who has a child from a previous marriage introduces many complicated issues. Get your relationship off to a good start by considering these common scenarios. My date...
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Building Resilience

Strength in the face of adversity is one of the most important characteristics you can have. Challenges and disappointments are inevitable. Most of us will encounter relationship problems, health...
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