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Articles on Dreams


Dreams: Your Inner Guidance

Dreams are far more than fantasies and wishes. They reveal inner truths, and expose incorrect conscious attitudes and resolve conflicts, providing a healing and self-regulating function. If you are...
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Book Reviews

Book Review: The Secret Life of Sleep

Kat Duff’s carefully researched, engagingly written, and wide-ranging The Secret Life of Sleep is an ode to sleep. The author documents the contemporary preoccupation with productivity, alertness, and cheating...
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The Wolf Man

About two years ago I began dreaming that a wolf was chasing me. The dreams occurred once or twice a month and grew in intensity and detail over the...
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Graduation Blues

I have a recurring dream (this has been going on for many, many years now) that I am at my high school trying to get to my class. I...
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The Knock-Out Punch

I have a recurring dream that my ex-boyfriend comes around and says he needs to talk and he wants me to go somewhere with him. (I have been apart...
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The Wedding Jitters

Right before I got married I started having dreams about other guys — two of them. One was my honey’s brother, who is engaged to a really good friend...
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Wings of Love

Last night I dreamed I was going to my gym for an early morning workout. On my way, it occurred to me that I could fly, so I lifted...
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My Dream House

In my dream, I’ve just purchased this old, broken-down home that, once fixed up, is exactly what I want. I’ve always wanted a house that has a fireplace and...
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Stages of Sleep

Do you ever wonder why you don’t dream when you sleep? The truth is, if you are getting proper amounts of sleep in proper time periods, and not taking...
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