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Articles on Dreams


Dreams: Your Inner Guidance

Dreams are far more than fantasies and wishes. They reveal inner truths, and expose incorrect conscious attitudes and resolve conflicts, providing a healing and self-regulating function. If you are...
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Book Reviews

Book Review: The Secret Life of Sleep

Kat Duff’s carefully researched, engagingly written, and wide-ranging The Secret Life of Sleep is an ode to sleep. The author documents the contemporary preoccupation with productivity, alertness, and cheating...
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Crossing a Bridge

I was walking over a white stone bridge with my wife, but it was like an old rope bridge with missing planks, and I was having trouble with the...
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A Pocket Full of Gold

In my dream, snakes are chasing me, biting at me. A friend said it can represent evil (doing), transition, or betrayal. I am ashamed, because days later I betrayed...
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The Wolf Man

About two years ago I began dreaming that a wolf was chasing me. The dreams occurred once or twice a month and grew in intensity and detail over the...
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