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Articles on PTSD - Page 3

Myths & Facts about PTSD

Exposure myths Myth: Everyone who experiences a life-threatening event will develop PTSD Actually, most people who are exposed to qualifying events will not get PTSD at all, and many...
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PTSD and Children

Children often are exposed to trauma as a result of the following kinds of events: physical or sexual assault or abuse family and community violence experiencing or witnessing severe...
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Treatment of PTSD

There are two primary types of treatment for posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) — psychotherapy and medications. Psychotherapy for PTSD Most people who experience post-traumatic stress disorder undergo some type...
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Facts about PTSD

General Adult Population The following information on PTSD in the general adult population is taken from the National Comorbidity Survey (NCS) report. The estimated lifetime prevalence of PTSD among...
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Let the Tornado Come: A Memoir

In Let the Tornado Come, a poet reflects on her traumatic childhood as she struggles to find a solution to crippling panic attacks. Chin’s memoir switches back and forth in time...
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What Causes PTSD?

Explanations of PTSD focus primarily on the way that the mind is affected by traumatic experiences. Theorists speculate upon facing overwhelming trauma, the mind is unable to process information...
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