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Articles on Depression - Page 4


Codependency, Addiction, and Emptiness

Emptiness is a common feeling. There are distinct types of emptiness, but it’s psychological emptiness that underlies codependency and addiction. Whereas existential emptiness is concerned with your relationship to...
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OCD and Depression

When my son Dan’s obsessive-compulsive disorder was severe, he was barely functioning. He isolated himself from his friends, and could barely move from point A to point B. He’d...
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Suicide: Helping Survivors Cope

Why do individuals commit suicide? Despite its prevalence, suicide remains highly stigmatized and survivors of suicide often suffer in silence in fear of being judged and criticized. This paper...
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Alcohol & Depression

Alcohol abuse and depression can be a deadly mix. Yet it is a common combination that can be self-reinforcing cycle — and difficult to break out of. Alcoholism is...
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Rapunzel’s Story

My story about mental illness is essentially my entire life. Mental illness wasn’t something we talked about in my family, so I’m not sure I ever put my finger...
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