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Beyond Prozac: Treatment for Anxiety, Depression and Trauma

Did you know there is a natural method of treatment which has been used throughout the world for over 200 years which can transform your mood, increase your energy, as well as help with all manner of physical and emotional symptoms-and with no unwanted side effects?

What is this method? Classical Homeopathy.

Homeopathy has been shown to be beneficial for those seeking treatment for anxiety, depression, grief, phobias, and trauma, along with other types of psychological challenges.

Many people are familiar with the effectiveness of homeopathy for first aid or acute situations, such as using arnica for a bruise or a sprain. But the most powerful way to use homeopathy is called constitutional, or classical homeopathy, where one remedy is chosen by a professional homeopath based on all your physical symptoms, along with your personality and temperament.

A homeopathic remedy is chosen after on an extensive two hour interview which covers one’s present day symptoms along with a psychological and physical history of one’s entire lifetime. The information is then analyzed and a remedy is chosen which most closely matches the symptom picture the client is presenting.

Homeopaths and psychotherapists are similar in their view that most physical or emotional upset is rooted in trauma which happened earlier in a person’s life. Homeopathic medicine stimulates an innate healing process at a deep physiological, emotional, and spiritual level which allows an individual to release trauma and realign to a more optimal state of health.

Over the past ten years I have witnessed the way a well prescribed homeopathic remedy acts as a powerful catalyst for elevating a person’s level of wellbeing. Often times after taking a remedy, old memories surface, dreams and situations from the past are activated, and feelings that have long been buried are brought to life. These are signs that show the remedy is working at a deep level. Normally these reactions are mild and short term, and they are followed by a significant improvement in overall health.

For people undergoing psychotherapy, homeopathy is an excellent form of complementary medicine. It can be of value for people taking pharmaceuticals and in some cases it is possible for the client to reduce and eventually discontinue their drugs, under the guidance and direction of their prescribing physician.

The length of treatment varies with each person depending on one’s age, overall vitality, durations of symptoms, and number of medications one is using. The healing process can only be evaluated over a period of weeks and months-and sometimes it can take multiple remedies to find one that works well.

People who have been treated successfully with homeopathy not only have their presenting problem significantly improved, many clients report feeling better overall and living with greater vitality and ease.

Will Cassilly MA CCH is a Certified Classical Homeopath with a Masters degree in Counseling Psychology. Will maintains a private practice in Soquel, CA . Call 831.477.7782 or visit his website at

Beyond Prozac: Treatment for Anxiety, Depression and Trauma

Will Cassilly, CCH

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