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Wycliff Matanda, MA

Wycliff Matanda has an interdisciplinary Master of Arts degree from Athabasca University. His research interests lay in the fields of addiction, mental health, and death and dying.

Articles by Wycliff Matanda, MA:

  • Addiction and the “Why Can’t They Stop?” Enigma
    03 Nov 2017

    Why can’t they stop? This is perhaps the most elusive question posed when it comes to addiction. The answer is just as elusive — fleeting, incomprehensible, and illusory, like a […]

  • Alcohol Use Disorder: Fixing ‘Them’ Language
    02 Jun 2016

    Alcohol use disorder (AUD) is characterized as a pattern of problematic drinking that causes significant health issues and distress in an individual’s life. Despite the many physical, mental, and social […]