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Rebecca Lee

Rebecca Lee lives in Charlottesville, Virginia. She has published with: Harvard, Adbusters, The Virginian Pilot etc. Her book, Object Relations, is due for publication in July.

Articles by Rebecca Lee:

  • Codependency: The Helping Problem
    14 Feb 2018

    Codependency is a behavior, not a biological illness. It can, however, run in families. By perpetuating the same type of behavior through several generations, dysfunctional relationships can emerge. Codependency can […]

  • The Benefits of Alternative Therapies
    07 Nov 2017

    Cognitive behavioral therapy is one of the most commonly used therapy practices in the United States. CBT, unlike psychoanalysis, takes a more direct approach to specific goals the patient initially […]

  • There Is No Wrong Way to Mourn a Loss
    25 Jun 2017

    The book Stuart Little is unsettling because of the way it ends. Or rather, doesn’t end. The story is about a mouse who goes on various adventures with his bird friend, Margalo. […]

  • Living with Nonverbal Learning Disability
    18 Jan 2016

    The words “nonverbal learning disability” sound clunky and made up. What does it even mean? Does it mean you can’t speak? Does it mean you can’t read? According to one […]