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Rebecca Chamaa

Articles by Rebecca Chamaa:

  • Book Review: Hidden Treasure
    06 Dec 2017

    Do you like to pretend you are a pirate searching for gold? Hidden Treasure by Alice McDowell won’t take you down the plank, but it will take you on a […]

  • Book Review: The Fearless Path
    03 Dec 2017

    The Fearless Path by Leah Guy is one part memoir, one part yoga, one part spirituality, one part inspiration, and one part exercises (yoga, meditation, and others). It is well […]

  • Managing Schizophrenia: 9 Things Every Caregiver Should Know
    03 Feb 2016

    The symptoms of schizophrenia manifest in each person differently. Some people with schizophrenia are capable of managing their symptoms and care while others may require the help of family members […]

  • 7 Things that Help in Managing Schizophrenia
    02 Feb 2016

    People living with schizophrenia often go from periods of psychosis to periods of relative stability. There are many tricks and tools that long-term suffers have learned in order to have […]