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Michael Demitri, M.D.

Articles by Michael Demitri, M.D.:

  • Depression in Children and Adolescents
    17 May 2016

    Depression in children and adolescents is a major health problem in the United States. Unfortunately, it is often ignored or misdiagnosed. It is not uncommon for parents to attribute moodiness […]

  • Common Side Effects of Psychiatric Medications
    17 May 2016

    There are many common side effects of psychiatric medications, some of which are pretty similar across different classes of drugs. If you have any of the side effects below, please […]

  • Medications: Special Considerations
    17 May 2016

    Children, the elderly, and pregnant and nursing women have special concerns and needs when taking psychotherapeutic medications. Some effects of medications on the growing body, the aging body, and the […]

  • Medications for Depression
    17 May 2016

    The kind of depression that will most likely benefit from treatment with medications is more than just “the blues.” It is a condition that is prolonged, lasting two weeks or […]

  • Types of Brain Imaging Techniques
    17 May 2016

    Brain imaging techniques allow doctors and researchers to view activity or problems within the human brain, without invasive neurosurgery. There are a number of accepted, safe imaging techniques in use […]