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Marina Benjamen, Ph.D.

Articles by Marina Benjamen, Ph.D.:

  • Depression: Down But Not Out
    17 May 2016

    Depression can hit with the force of a tornado, tearing down lives and wrecking stability, but treatment is effective in four out of five cases. It’s almost as prevalent these […]

  • Is Using a Shower Massager Okay to Masturbate?
    17 May 2016

    Masturbation is a normal and healthy part of human sexuality. More men than women masturbate, but it doesn’t matter what gender you identify with — if you’re human, it’s likely […]

  • Is It Normal for a Toddler to Touch Themselves?
    17 May 2016

    First of all, toddlers touching themselves is absolutely normal, whether they are naked or not. In fact, research has shown that babies begin such touching while still in the womb. […]

  • How Asperger’s Disorder is Diagnosed
    17 May 2016

    Asperger’s Disorder (also known as Asperger’s Syndrome, or AS), like other pervasive developmental disorders (PDDs), involves delays and deviant patterns of behavior in multiple areas of functioning, that often require […]

  • Treatment for Asperger’s Disorder
    17 May 2016

    There are a wide variety of helpful treatments for Asperger’s Disorder that help an individual learn better social skills and communication cues, to help them be able to interact socially […]

  • All About Asperger’s Disorder
    17 May 2016

    The essential features of Asperger’s Disorder are severe and sustained impairment in social interactions with others, and the development of restricted, repetitive patterns of behavior, interests, and activities. A person […]

  • What is Social Phobia?
    17 May 2016

    People with social phobia (also known as social anxiety disorder) have an extreme fear of situations where they may be under the scrutiny of others. They worry that they will […]

  • Addicted to Exercise
    17 May 2016

    When working out shifts from a healthy habit to obsession Do you think it would be great to love exercising so much you couldn’t quit? Does the image of a […]

  • Marriage Myth: Communication will Solve All Your Problems
    17 May 2016

    Concealed issues suddenly brought to light can explode. Michael and Gwen enter the counselor’s office and nervously take their seats. Michael fidgets and stares at the floor while Gwen sits […]

  • Marriage Myth: Spouses Can’t Change
    17 May 2016

    On the contrary: Revamping your partner is easy. By the time people seek marriage counseling, they usually arrive armed with an arsenal of complaints about their partners: “She isn’t affectionate […]

  • Research Update on Treatment of Depression in Bipolar Disorder
    17 May 2016

    Depression in bipolar disorder is an important component of bipolar disorder. Yet most bipolar research prior to a few years ago focused more on the overall treatment of the disorder […]