About LeShelle Woodard, Ph.D.

Dr. LeShelle Woodard is a licensed clinical psychologist and educator who, leads a team of dynamic psychotherapists in the provision of multifaceted therapies at the private practice she founded, Life Enhancement Psychotherapy. Dr. Woodard and her team incorporate an array of complementary and integrative treatments such as body-centered interventions such as yoga therapy, mindfulness and other techniques drawn from both traditional and non-western therapies. As a former Associate Professor of Psychology at Lasell College in Newton, MA ,and a Senior Lecturer at the University of Massachusetts, Boston, Dr. Woodard’s courses include Abnormal Psychology, Psychological Trauma, Intervention Strategies, Personality, Social Psychology, Group Dynamics and other courses associated with the study and understanding of human behavior. Contact Dr. Woodard on Facebook or her website.

Articles by LeShelle Woodard, Ph.D.: