The Insider's Guide to Mental Health Resources Online

John M. Grohol, Psy.D.


Insider's Guide to Mental Health Resources Online

"The words 'invaluable resource' and 'must read' are bandied about quite a bit in book reviews. But this time we mean it!...For anyone interested in roaming the vast plains of mental health information on the Internet, you could not ask for a better compass."
-Professional Counselor

"Anyone who wants to find useful sites on the Internet could benefit from this book."
-American Reference Books Annual

"I used the Guide and its rating system to research my own interest areas and was able to find extensive, useful information."
-The Master's Advocate newsletter

"[This] book is the best and most up-to-date overview of online resources for mental health professionals. It not only tells you where to find the good stuff, but also includes a lovely set of quick-and-dirty tutorials on essential Net-surfing skills."
-Tom Ferguson, MD, Senior Research Fellow for Online Health, The Pew Internet & American Life Project

"John M. Grohol [is] the guide par excellence to, and often the creator of, the best mental health resources on the Internet."
-Gilbert Levin, PhD, Editor and Publisher, Behavior OnLine

The revised edition of this acclaimed guide helps busy professionals take full advantage of Internet and World Wide Web resources in psychology, psychiatry, and related areas such as self-help and patient education. The book describes the full range of available search tools, newsgroups, listservs, and databases -- including MEDLINE and PsycINFO -- and reviews and rates hundreds of specific mental health sites. You'll learn how and where to go online to find treatment information; use Web-based assessment tools; locate reliable advocacy and support groups; obtain articles; pursue distance learning opportunities; get listed in online directories; find job postings; conduct grant searches and much more.

New in the Revised Edition
  • Updated and expanded with over 50 new resources
  • Important new sections on online security and spam
  • The latest tips on searching (and which results are biased by advertising)
  • Many revised reviews, ratings, and updated addresses
About the Author
    John M. Grohol, PsyD, built's Mental Health Center and was the cofounder and director for nearly 4 years of Mental Help Net, at one time among the 10 most-trafficked mental health Web sites. He also served as chief operating officer of, an e-therapy services provider. Dr. Grohol is currently a senior Web architect and founder of an Internet consulting and Web services company, Liviant LLC. He was trained and educated as a clinical psychologist at Nova Southeastern University.
Table of Contents
    I. Basic Map and Tools for Finding Mental Health Information Online
    1. Why and How to Look Online - Read online now!
    2. Knowing Where to Look Online
    II. Getting Answers to Your Professional Question
    3. Finding Disorders, Subspecialities, Clinical and Treatment Information Online
    4. Locating Employment Opportunities through the Web
    5. Online Education and Continuing Education Resources
    6. Networking with Other Professionals Online
    7. Researching Online: References and Databases
    8. Professional Associations, Issues, and Ethics Online
    9. Book Publishers, Bookstores, and Journals Online
    10. Finding and Downloading Software Online
    11. Online Therapy (E-Therapy) and Behavior
    III. Patient Education Resources
    12. General Consumer-Oriented Resources on the Web
    13. Online Consumer Discussion and Support Groups
    IV. Appendices
    A. Glossary of Terms
    B. Further Reading
    C. How to Get Online
    D. Creating Your Own Web Resource


Paperback: 326 pages
Publisher: Guilford Press; Revised edition (December 2003)
ISBN: 1572309881

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Last updated: 1 Jun 2016
Last reviewed: By John M. Grohol, Psy.D. on 1 Jun 2016
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