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A neurosurgical procedure wherein the connections to and from the brain’s prefrontal cortex are cut. This procedure was performed to try and neautralize the mentally ill. The man responsible for this technique was named Walter Freeman.

The procedure involved an instrument that was very similar to an icepick…this quote says it all, “Walter Freeman lifted the patient’s eyelid and inserted an ice pick-like instrument called a leucotome through a tear duct. A few taps with a surgical hammer breached the bone. Freeman took a position behind the patient’s head, pushed the leucotome about an inch and a half into the frontal lobe of the patient’s brain, and moved the sharp tip back and forth. Then he repeated the process with the other eye socket.”

This surgery is now looked upon as torture, but the one thing that can be said for Freeman is that he was one of the only people who believes that psychological illnesses or issues could be physical as well as mental.

The above quote is from the website I am about to list. It is an excellent article about the “father of lobotomy”…very chilling, lots of facts:

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