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Dysthymia Treatment

There are a number of effective treatment approaches to help treat dysthymic disorder (also known as dysthymia). Often times a person with dysthymia will seek out treatment because of...
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Cyclothymic Disorder Treatment

Table of Contents Psychotherapy Medications Self-Help Psychotherapy There is no clear treatment of choice for cyclothymic disorder. Either psychotherapy or medication can be tried first, or in conjunction with...
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Bereavement Symptoms

Bereavement is a normal reaction to loss in human beings in virtually every culture across the world. There are no set rules for how long “normal” bereavement lasts, as...
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Bipolar Disorder Symptoms

The defining symptom of bipolar disorder (also known as “manic depression”) is the presence of severe mood swings — episodes between feeling great highs to feeling great lows, including...
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