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Specific Phobia Treatment

Table of Contents Psychotherapy Medications Self-Help Introduction Any help in maintaining the social structure is anxiety-alleviating, and work, school, and social activities should be maintained. Behavioral approaches are widely...
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Anxiety & Panic

Selective Mutism Symptoms

Selective mutism is a type of anxiety disorder whose main distinguishing characteristic is the persistent failure to speak in specific social situations (, at school or with playmates) where...
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DSM-5 Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms

Cessation or reduction in alcohol use, especially after a period of heavy and prolonged drinking, results in alcohol withdrawal. Medical attention should be sought for severe symptoms of alcohol withdrawal....
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Generalized Anxiety Disorder Treatment

Introduction Psychotherapy Medications Self-Help Introduction Since all anxiety disorders can have medical cause or component, it is important for individuals to be thoroughly medically checked out before consulting psychological...
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