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Depression Guide

Clear, practical advice on psychological and emotional states, bringing guidance to sufferers and their families. Knowing when to seek help, what help is available and where to find it. – Depression Resources

“Life isn’t always pleasant or easy, but feeling constantly unhappy—or so unhappy you can’t function—is a problem you can overcome. Depression can make you feel sad, mad, or empty and

numb, but there’s a lot you can do to start to feel more positive, happy, and energetic again.” offers a variety of excellent resources for those suffering from depression or supporting someone who is.

NIMH – Depression Clinical Trials

Featured clinical trials that are currently recruiting patients for research into new treatments for depression, from the National Institute of Mental Health.

NIMH – Depression Resources

Authoritative and reliable depression information from the National Institute for Mental Health (NIMH). Includes most recent research, overview of treatment options, links to additional help, and much more.

Seasonal Affective Disorder – Winter Depression

Northern County Psychiatric Associates provides this article which goes into much greater detail about what is known about seasonal affective disorder (SAD) and the treatments available.

Throughout the centuries, poets have described a sense of sadness, loss and lethargy which can accompany the shortening days of fall and winter. Many cultures and religions have winter festivals associated with candles or fire. Many of us notice tiredness, a bit of weight gain, difficulty getting out of bed and bouts of “the blues” as fall turns to winter.

However, some people experience an exaggerated form of these symptoms. Their depression and lack of energy become debilitating. Work and relationships suffer. SAD may affect over 10 million Americans while the milder, “Winter Blues” may affect a larger number of individuals. – Depression Resources

“When dealing with depression, it’s important to remember you are not alone. Read on to find more about depression causes, symptoms, treatments, and more.”

Articles cover a range of useful topics including tips for coping with depression in relationships, childhood depression, advice on how to talk with depressed people, and much more.

Mental Health America – What is Seasonal Affective Disorder?

“As the winter approaches and the days get shorter, some people experience a form of depression called Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) – an extreme case of the ‘winter blues’ that is relieved during the spring and summer months.”

This article from Mental Health America gives an overview of seasonal affective disorder (SAD) and treatment options available in order to better educate those who may be suffering from this common condition.

Depression Support Groups

Depression Forums is a forum for open peer discussion of depressive illnesses and treatment options. Their mission is to create an atmosphere that is both supportive and informative for their members, in order to provide a caring environment for members to talk to their peers about their depression, anxiety, mood disorders, medications, therapy and recovery. They also seek to advance public awareness of mental health issues in order to eliminate the stigma associated with depression and other mental disorders.

Depression Peer Support

Moderated depression chat rooms, forums, blogs and media gallery.

Depression Recovery Groups

Depression Recovery Groups offers online support groups for those who have depression, bipolar disorder (especially type 2) or anxiety, which often overlaps with depression. It is a way for people who are living with these conditions to easily come together, support each other and learn about what they can do to improve the quality of their lives. We offer a confidential place where you can meet with others without fear of being identified. The meetings are led by peer support specialists and include both discussion and educational segments with the best researched and up-to-date, self-care tips. The mission of Depression Recovery Groups is to help accelerate the full recovery of people who are living with depression, bipolar disorder, and anxiety by providing self-help education and peer support that enhances the care of licensed healthcare practitioners.

Depression Sanctuary

Formerly the Depression Support Group and Depression Haven, Depression Sanctuary offers free, moderated chat rooms for anyone with depression or other mental illnesses.

Emotions Anonymous

A 12-step organization for recovery from emotional difficulties.

Families for Depression Awareness

This organization helps people in caregiver roles and people with depressive disorders understand the conditions, reduce stigma, and share issues. The site allows folks order free brochures, read family profiles, access resources, and sign up for free email alerts.

Facebook Groups – Anxiety & Depression Support Group

This is a 18+ UK group for sufferers of anxiety, depression & similar disorders. It is also for family and friends of sufferers. This is a closed group so comments can only be seen by members.

Facebook Groups – Anxiety, Depression & Self-Harm Support Group

A Facebook group for those suffering from Anxiety and Depression, and contemplating or committing self-harm.

Facebook Groups – Bipolar/BPD, Depression, Mental Illness Support UK

This is a Facebook support group for people with mental health disorders and people that are carers/partners or relatives of individuals with mental disease. They are in the United Kingdom, but accept members from all over the world. All ages are welcome.

Facebook Groups – BPD, Depression, Mental Health Support Group

This Facebook group offers support for individuals suffering from Borderline Personality Disorder, Depression, or in need of general mental health support. A very friendly group!

Facebook Groups – Depression Group

This Facebook Group is here to help any and everyone who is having a hard time with life, whether it be depression or just feeling or sad. Remember, it’s never too late to build new friendships and improve your support network.

Facebook Groups – Depression Group Unconditional Support Circle

Depression Group Unconditional Support Circle is a Facebook Group that will always be there to listen, support, help, and assist members who are part of their community.

Facebook Groups – Depression, Anxiety & Borderline Personality Disorder

Whether or not site visitors have been diagnosed with depression, anxiety, borderline personality disorder or any other mood disorder, this Facebook group is here for all. A caring and interactive group.

Facebook Groups – Domestic Violence, Depression, Anxiety & PTSD Support Group

A Facebook group for those seeking a little extra support in their lives for current or past instances of Domestic Violence, Depression, Anxiety and PTSD.

ALL new members are screened prior to admittance into this group.

Facebook Groups – General/Social Anxiety & Depression Friendship Group

This Facebook group is a support and friendship group for people suffering with Social Anxiety, Depression, General Anxiety Disorder, Agoraphobia, and related disorders.

Facebook Groups – LDS Depression/Anxiety Support Group

This Facebook group is for LDS (Mormon) peoples (but open to anyone) dealing with depression, anxiety, OCD, bi-polarism, perfectionism, addictions, rape, molestation, ADHD, or any other related mental illnesses and problems.

Facebook Groups – Mental Health Support Group – Anxiety & Depression

A closed-membership Facebook group for sufferers of anxiety and depression.

Facebook Groups – Pain & Depression Mental Health Support

A place for individuals to go if they suffer with any mental health illness and want to talk to others. A very loving group!

Facebook Groups – Support for ADHD, Anxiety, Depression, PTSD, etc.

This Facebook group is an all-encompassing peer-to-peer support group for people with any disorder.

Facebook Groups – The Depression Support Group

The Depression Support Group is centered around supporting individuals going through depression, or simply a hard time, without the fear of judgement.This is a non-religious place to share and seek advice.

Facebook Groups – The Secret Meeting Room – PTSD, Depression, Anxiety & Stress Support Group

This Facebook group began after it’s founder was assaulted at work and diagnosed with PTSD, Anxiety and severe Depression. Today, more than 3,000 members share their experiences and positive strategies to help individuals coping with these devastating mental health issues.

Mixed Nuts Depression and Bipolar Community

Information on depression and bipolar disorder, message board, and light-hearted chat room.

Psych Central Forums – Depression Support

Psych Central’s own online depression support group allows you to read other people’s experiences with depression, and also provide your own (if you’d like). Private and secure, the Psych Central Community is one of the longest-running online mental health communities, since 1999.

Membership is free and the community is overseen by a team of dedicated individuals that help keep the forums safe for all.

Recover Your Life

A site dedicated to people who self-injure (SI) or self-harm, and those who suffer from eating disorders or depression, packed with things to do from distractions and information, to support forums and a chat room.

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