Classical Texts in Psychology

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A A=A A, Ab or Abs; A or An
Abacus Abano Abbadie, Jacques
Abdalatif Abélard, Pierre Abercrombie, John
Abercromby, David Aberration (chromatic) Aberration (mental)
Ability and Inability Abiogenesis Ablaut
Abnormal Abnormal Psychology Aborigines
Aboulia Abscissa Absent-mindedness
Absolute Absolute Ethics Absolution
Absolutism (aesthetic) Absolutism (political) Absorption
Abstract Abstract Idea Abstraction
Absurd Academy and New Academy Acatalepsy
Acatamathesia Acataphasia Acceleration
Accent Accentuation Acceptance
Accessory Accident Accident and Accidental
Accidentalism Accidenter Acclimatization
Accommodation (in biology) Accommodation (in psychology) Accommodation (visual)
Accommodation (theology) Accompanying Movements Accountable
Accuracy of Discrimination Achenwall, Gottfried Achilles Argument
Achillini, Alessandro Achromatopsia Aconative
Acosmism Acoumetry Acousma
Acoustics (psychological) Acoustics (physiological) Acquired (in psychology)
Acquired and Congenital Characters Acquisitiveness Acro-
Acroamatic Act Act (in ethics)
Act (in law) Act of God Actio ad Distans
Action (in law) Action (in psychology) Action and Reaction
Action Current Active Powers Activity
Activity (mental) Actuality and Actual Actuality Theory
Actus Adam Adaptation
Adaptation (visual) Adaptive (mental process) Adaptive Characters
Adelard of Bath Adendritic Adequate
Adevism Adiaphora Adiaphoristic Controversy
Adjective Adjective Law Adjudication
Adjustment of Observations Administrative Law Admiralty Jurisdiction
Admiration Adolescence Adoptionism
Adoration Adrastus Advent
Advent (the second) Advocate Aedesius
Aegidius of Colonna Aeneas of Gaza Aenesidemus
Aeon Aepinus, John Aesthesia
Aesthesiogen, Aesthesiogenic Aesthesiometer Aesthesodic
Aesthetic and Aesthetics Aesthetic (transcendental) Aesthetic Standard
Aetiology Affect Affection and Affective
Affection (in ethics) Affection (in theology) Affective Tone or Feeling Tone
Affinity Affirmation and Affirmative A fortiori
After-image After-sensation Agamogenesis
Agency Agent Agent (free)
Agent (in law) Agglutination (linguistic) Agglutination (in psychology)
Aggregate Aggregation Agnoiology
Agnosticism Agnosticism (in theology) Agoraphobia
Agraphia Agreeableness and Disagreeableness Agreement
Agreement (legal) Aggrement (method of) Agricultural Stage
Agrippa, Henry Cornelius Ahrens, Heinrich Ahrimân
d'Ailly (or Ailli), Pierre Aim Aim (in education)
Akinesis Alalia and Dyslalia Alanus (or Alan), Johann
Albertists Albertus Magnus Albo, Joseph
Alcoholism Alcott, Amos Bronson Alcuin, Flaccus Albinus Alcinus
d'Alembert, Jean le Rond Alexander, Archibald Alexander, James Waddell
Alexander, Joseph Addison Alexander of Aphrodisias Alexander of Hales
Alexandrian School Alexia Alexinus of Elis
Alfarabi or Alfarabie Al-Gazzalie or Al-Ghazzali Algedonic Aesthetics
Algesia Algometer or Algesimeter Algorism
Alienist, Alienism, lienation Alison, Archibald Alkindi, Abu Yusuf
All Allaesthesia Allamand, Jean Nicolas Sebastian
Allegiance Allochiria or Allocheiria Alogia
Alphabet Alphabet Method Alter
Alternating Insanity Alternation of Generations Althusen, Johann
Altruism (in psychology) Altruism (in ethics) Amalric, Amauric, or Amari, of Bena
Amaurosis Ambidextrous Ambiguity
Amblyopia Ambrosius, Sanctus Amelius
Ametropia Amimia Amitosis
Amixia Ammonius Saccas Amnesia
Amoeba Amortization Ampère
Amphibology or Amphibolia Amphigony Amphimixis
Ampliative Amulet Amusia
An sich An und für sich Anabaptists
Anabolism Anaemia or Anemia Anaesthesia
Anaesthetics Anagogic Interpretation Analgesia or Analgia
Analogical Characters Analogies of Experience Analogies of Sensation
Analogon rationis Analogous Organs Analogy
Analogy (in logic) Analogy (linguistic) Analogy of Experience
Analogy of Faith, and of Doctrine Analysis Analysis (in logic)
Analysis (linguistic) Analysis (method of, in education) Analysis (psychical or mental)
Analysis (psychological) Analytic Analytic and Synthetic Judgment
Analytic Method Anamnesis Anaphase
Anaphia Anarchism Anarthoscope
Anarthria Anaxagoras Anaxarchus
Anaxilaus Anaximander Anaximines
Ancestor Worship Ancestral Inheritance Andronicus Rhodus
Angel, Angelology Anger Angiosthenia
Angles of Displacement Anglo-Catholic Movement Anima
Anima Mundi Animal Animal Heat
Animal Magnetism Animal Psychology Animal Worship
Animalcule Animalculist Animism (in anthropology)
Animism (in philosophy) Anisometropia Ankle Clonus
Anlage Annett or Annet, Peter Annihilation
Annunciation Anodyne Anoia, Anoea, Anoesia
Anomalous Colour-system Anomaly Anorthopia
Anorthoscope Anosmia Anschauung
Anselm, Saint Anselmian Argument Antagonism
Antagonistic Colour Antecedent Antenna
Anthropoid Anthropology Anthropology (in theology)
 Anthropometry                                        Anthropomorphism                                   Anthropomorphism (in religion)
Antichrist Anticipation Anticipations of Experience
Antinomianism Antinomy Antinomy (ethical)
Antiochus of Aegae Antiochus of Ascalon Antiochus of Laodicea
Antiochus of Saba Antipathy Antisthenes
Antitheistic Theories Antithesis Anxiety
Apagogue A parte ante and A parte post Apathy
Apathy (in ethics) Apeiron Apelt, Ernst Friedrich
Aphakia Aphasia Aphasia (motor)
Aphasia (sensory) Aphemia Aphonia or Aphony
Aphrasia Aphthongia Aplasy or Aplasia
Apocalypse Apodictic Apogamy
Apokatastasis Apolar Cell Apollinarianism
Apollonius of Chalcis Apollonius Tyanaeus Apologetics
Apology Apoplexy A posteriori
Apostolics Apotheosis Apparatus
Apparition Appearance Apperception
Apperception (in education) Appetence Appetite
Applied Ethics Appreciation (and Description) Appreciation (economic)
Apprehension Apprehension (moral) Apprenticeship
Approbation Appropriation Apraxia
A priori and A posteriori Aprosexia Aptitude
Aquinas, Thomas Arabian Philosophy Arbitrage
Arbitration Arborization Arcana
Arcesilaus or Arkesilaus Archaeology, Prehistoric Archaeology Arche
Archelaus of Miletus Archetype Archimedes
Architectonic Architecture Archytas
Argument Argumentation Arianism
Aristippus Aristobulus Aristocles or Aristokles
Aristocracy Ariston or Aristo Aristotelian Logic
Aristotle Aristotle's Dictum Aristotle's Experiment
Aristotle's Terminology Aristoxenus of Tarentum Arithmetical Mean
Arithmomania Arius Arminianism
Arminius, Jacobus Arnauld, Antoine Arnobius
Arnold, Daniel Heinrich Arnold, Johann Christian Arnott, Neil
Arrian Art and Art Theories Art Impulse
Artery Articular Sensation Articulation
Artificial Selection Aryan Asceticism
Asceticism (in religion) Aschenmayer, Adam Karl Aseitas
Asemia or Asemasia Asexual Reproduction Asonia or Tone-Deafness
Aspirate Aspiration Assent
Assertion Assignment Assimilation (in physiology)
Assimilation (in psychology) Assimilaton (linguistic) Assistance or Concurrence
Associate Points Association (experiments on) Association (in aesthetics)
Association (in education) Association (of ideas) Association (nervous)
Association (social) Association Fibres Associationism
Assumption Assumption (in theology) Assurance
Assyria Ast, Georg Anton Friedrich Astasia
Asthenia Asthenopia Astigmatism
Asymbolia Asymmetry Asymmetry (in aesthetics)
Asymmetry (in vision) Asynergia Atavism
Ataxia Athanasian Creed Athanasius, Saint
Atheism Athenagoras Âtman
Atom and Atomic Theory Atom and Atomism (mental) Atom and Atomism (philosophical)
Atomic Weight Atonement Atrophy
Attention Attention (defects of) Attention (experiments on)
Attitude Attraction and Repulsion Attribute
Attributes (of God, doctrine of) Attrition Atwater, Lyman Hotchkiss
Audition and Auditory Sensation Audition Colorée Aufklärung
Augsburg Confession Augustine, Saint Augustinianism
Aura Austrian School Authenticity
Authority Auto- Autocracy
Autokinesis Automatic and Automatism Automatic Action
Automatic Writing Automatism Automatograph
Autonomy Autonomy (ethical) Autosuggestion
Autotelic and Heterotelic Avarice Avatar
Avempace of Saragossa Avenarius, Richard Heinrich Ludwig Average and Average Error
Averroës, or Averrois, or Averois or Averoys, or Averrhoës Averroism Aversion
Avesta Avicebron, Salomon Ibn Gabirol Avicenna, Ibn Sina
Avicennism Award Axiom
Axion Axis Cylinder Azymites (and Prozymites)