Twitter Chat Tonight on Mental Health in Older AdultsI’ll be hosting my first Tuesday night #mhsm chat on twitter tonight, on the topic of mental health in older adults. I blogged about this issue earlier this month, and we recently started a whole blog about getting older, Boomers on the Rise: Aging Well.

Older adults have the same human needs, wants and desires as the rest of us (as we’ll all find out first-hand soon enough). Sometimes loneliness and depression is a factor for seniors, and sometimes seniors feel forgotten in life, as they watch their children grow up, move away, and have lives quite independent of their parents. It is a time of change, a time of recognition that our bodies often can’t do all the things they once could, but also a time of new discovery and reinvention. Much of an older adult’s mental health needs are not significantly different than yours or mine.

The chat is held on Twitter, but you don’t need to have a Twitter client or account to follow along. You can go here and follow the chat on the web. Or log into your favorite Twitter client and follow the hashtag #mhsm. I’ll be tweeting from the @MHSMchat account.

The chat starts at 9:00 pm ET (click here for the time it starts in your timezone) and lasts for one hour.

If you can’t make it, or miss any part of the #mhsm chat, you can check out the transcript at