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Top Ten Depression Blogs 2010

Best of the Web - Depression Blogs 2010

The good (and bad) news about blogging about depression in 2010 is that there’s less of it. Bloggers who were solely devoted to writing personal posts about depression, psychic pain, melancholy and stress in their lives found themselves, for whatever reasons, with less to say on traditional blogs.

But depression hasn’t vanished, and neither has blogging, so where’s it all going? Twitter, drop boxes, text, media, and mobile — watch for blogging to evolve across platforms. And there are professionals sharing tips, artists gathering, and advocates to support each other. Although it may seem a quiet time, under the surface it’s changing.

Blogs most likely to be triggering if you’re in a fragile state are marked with a (T). So, without further adieu, here are the picks for our favorite places we found depression blogged about in 2010…

1. Una Vita Bella

Amy has been the force behind the #mhsm Mental Health and Social Media hashtag and chat, and a great deal of mental health inspiration and organization. Her blog and Twitter feed about depression and chronic illness are absorbing and friendly. When you see the smile and spirit in her avatar it’s hard to know that she suffers so much pain, as do so many others she represents. In caring for Amy’s health, and all the mental health bloggers on this list, you care for your own too.

2. Dr. Deb: Psychological Perspectives

Dr. Deborah Serani is a practicing psychologist/psychoanalyst blogging about the treatment of trauma and depression. She’s a reliable source of psychological info, news and tips in a style that’s easy to read and share. Always helpful and trustworthy.

3. Storied Mind (T)

A beautiful and uniquely classic blog, still publishing frequently. We adored everything about this blog when we gave it an award years back, and still do today. Gorgeous images complement absorbing and stylish writing.

4. My Postpartum Voice

A new voice and a comforting one, Lauren is also known for organizing support chats for peers online (see her blog for info). She’s prolific, sensible, positive, and strong. Well-organized and efficient, I wonder what would happen if Lauren and Katherine combined powers?

5. Postpartum Progress

A sleek, professional blog on postpartum depression. Informative, straight up, and powerful. There’s no stopping Katharine. Advocacy, communications, she does great work. I’ve nearly tied her with a strong newcomer, but it’s not because she’s slipped at all, just the opposite, it’s testament to how strong the newcomer is.

6. Draw That Beast (T)

A writer with depression has created a virtual gallery space for depictions of depression by outsider artists. People with lived experience of depression are invited to visualize it and send their images to the blog for posting. The result is a diverse collection, but with much in common. An elegant blog featuring visual art from and for the world.

7. Mayo Clinic Depression Blog

Psychiatrist David Mrazek, M.D. blogs for one of the most prestigious consumer medical names on the market – Mayo Clinic (also branded on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube). Latest research news and perspectives and tips on depression. Popular and trusted, with the weight of peer-reviewed science behind it.

8. Depression Marathon (T)

Doing too well? Fantastic news. A long-time (2 yrs) blogger worries that as she’s written herself well, is there still purpose? And yes there is, as the archives and awards attest: just having a suicide hotline number on the blog even though Etta’s no longer personally suicidal, might save a life. But her story of marathon racing and determination in the murkiness of depression recovery are inspiring as well.

9. Depression Blog

Nancy Schimelpfening has been’s Guide to depression since 1998, providing research summaries, news, tips, holiday guides, and more. She’s been a consistently integral part of the online mental health community, and her stories are always concise and relevant.

10. Pick the Brain

A popular site for motivational quotes, self-help articles, and other non-scientific inspiration. It’s colorful and well-designed with plenty to look at, so if you feel a little bored, sad and listless (depressed in the popular sense of the word, but not clinically diagnosed) and want to graze around some articles to perk up, this is a good place to start.

2010 Depression Blog Honorable Mentions

Fighting the Darkness: My Secret Battle with Depression (T)

A talented personal blogger who’s been fighting depression since age 12. Jamie only manages to write intermittently now. “I can’t even put my feelings into words,” is a typical phrase when someone is suffering from severe depression. We wish her a fast recovery and hope she posts again soon.

Depression Getaway

Headaches from viewing the monitor ultimately kept this blogger from updating, but it was a great blog about depression and creativity and worth checking out the archives.

Thank you Brandi-Ann Uyemura for her valuable help compiling our list!

Top Ten Depression Blogs 2010

Sandra Kiume

Sandra Kiume is a mental health advocate. Along with contributing to World of Psychology, she blogs at Channel N about brain and behaviour videos, and is the founder of @unsuicide and Online Suicide Help. She lives in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

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