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Top 10 PTSD Blogs of 2014

Top 10 PTSD Blogs of 2014Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) often is linked to military veterans, but it can affect anyone following a traumatic event. There are five subtypes: normal stress response, acute stress disorder, uncomplicated PTSD, comorbid PTSD and complex PTSD. Sleep disturbances and flashbacks, where the sufferer relives the trauma, are hallmarks of the disease.

PTSD has several other symptoms, some of which overlap with other disorders. These include a loss of interest in regular activities, feeling depressed, anxious and difficulty concentrating. A person with PTSD may find it difficult to relate to loved ones. Instead they are emotionally distant and consumed with a sense of dread.

These blogs have been selected because they contain links and strategies specifically for people with PTSD in its various forms.

Most are written by people with experience of trauma and PTSD, who know only too well how symptoms can interfere with day-to-day life. They convey down-to-earth advice and a sense of hope, and above all, living proof that PTSD can be overcome.

Best of the Web - PTSD Blogs
  1. Healing Combat Trauma is a dense source of information for and about people with PTSD. There are fantastic sidebars, listing many useful films, books, and integrative health practices. The Tao of Healing section has quotable quotes which are great if you’re looking for a quick morale boost. Although designed for veterans, the resources are useful for anyone with PTSD.
  2. After Trauma is written by Sara Staggs, a mental health practitioner trained in EMDR, cognitive-behavioral therapy, trauma-focused CBT, dialectic behavioral therapy, mindfulness-based stress reduction and motivational interviewing. Her varied training and work experiences make for an informed, original and thought-provoking blog. There’s interesting discussion about the role and professionalism of the therapist, which is an empowering read at any stage of a therapeutic journey.
  3. Change You Choose is written by the prolific Michele Rosenthal, who herself has overcome PTSD and now, among other credentials, is a certified professional coach. Her blog encourages readers to be self-directed in their struggles against PTSD. Many of the posts offer “how to” advice, focusing on strategies which foster self-acceptance and re-identifying with oneself after trauma.
  4. The Trauma & Mental Health Report aims to share research-based knowledge in an accessible way. Issues cover all aspects of trauma, from causes to treatment, to its implications for society. Posts come from a medley of knowledgeable voices, including therapists and survivors. Its beautiful presentation and concise, clean writing make this well worth a visit.
  5. The Wounded Times is dedicated to defeating combat PTSD. Although American-based, its readership and contributions come from all over the world. Clever use of graphics and videos add depth to this blog which, besides its discussion of PTSD, endeavors to cover news from small media outlets, keeping veterans abreast of what is really happening.
  6. Heal My PTSD is useful for anybody afflicted by PTSD. It is full of timely advice and strategies on managing the stress and other symptoms which often accompany PTSD. The posts are an interesting mix of professional perspective, recovery tips, and anecdotes from survivors.
  7. The Center for Mind-Body Medicine is the brainchild of Harvard-educated psychiatrist James S. Gordon, MD, who has spent over 40 years working in the field of mind-body medicine. What’s fascinating are his efforts to reduce PTSD on a global scale. For example, Gordon led a study which showed mind-body skills groups reduced symptoms of PTSD in war-traumatized Palestinian children and adolescents. The blog is written by numerous experts on cancer care, mind-body medicine, nutrition, and self care, and is of interest to anyone looking for a holistic approach to addressing PTSD.
  8. The Global PTSD Survival Blog is the account of a male rape survivor. The raw honesty of his voice makes this a poignant read, regardless of whether you have PTSD. He details trials and tribulations with psychiatrists and medication. Readers can begin to understand how it feels to live in the shadow of an incident that should never have happened.
  9. Partner for Healing is penned by Patricia Wilcox, creator of the Restorative Approach™, a treatment program for children who have suffered trauma. She writes from years of experience of heading the Traumatic Stress Institute. Although mainly for professionals, this blog is also useful for caregivers of children with PTSD. It provides practical guidance for helping children, both directly and in collaboration with agencies.
  10. The Family of a Vet blog is written by and for veterans and their loved ones. Along with information on PTSD and traumatic brain injury, there is a lot of wisdom on dealing with life after combat. It’s an intense read, but well worth it if you would like to join a community of people who truly understand how PTSD affects a person’s life. There is also a page of links to personal blogs on PTSD.
Top 10 PTSD Blogs of 2014

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